Friday, May 30, 2008

Recipes Needed

So we invited some friends over for dinner this coming Monday and the girl, A, has Chron's disease. It's a digestive problem that really limits what she can eat. I emailed A to see what foods were on the "can't eat" list and here was her response -- "no green veggies, any sort of lettuce or greens, tomatoes, cheese or anything creamy". WOW. alright then. That limits pretty much anything I would normally cook, as Sailor Boy and I love all of those foods. I really wanted to make a huge big summery salad, but I guess not. Does anyone have a good recipe that doesn't include any of those ingredients? Unfortunately, we don't have an outside grill, so we can't even do like kabobs or something fun like that. So anything is greatly appreciated. I really want to make something more interesting than just plain meat and a few non-green veggies. Thanks!!

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