Saturday, May 10, 2008

Totally my fault

Spencer ate/destroyed my favorite pair of work shoes tonight. And I can't even be mad at her - it's totally my fault for leaving them on the floor. They were the most amazing shoes too...flat, pointy toe leather, perfect to wear for weddings at work. Damn. So I replaced the shoes with a rawhide and she's happy and content. I got the shoes like 3 years ago, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to find a comparable replacement. I even had to pick pieces of black leather out of her mouth.

I'm about to start baking a blueberry cake for our mother's day "brunch" for tomorrow. I think the blueberry cake will become my go-to dessert. This will be the 4th time i've made it and people seem to really like it. Typically my idea of baking is breaking and baking.

The wedding tonight at work was AMAZING. Seriously, it was exactly what I would do for my own wedding. The colors were navy, green and pink. The tablecloths were navy pintuck and then she had 3 different types of pink and green floral centerpieces. Mainly hydrangeas and peonies. A few hot pink orchids thrown in there - so adorable. She also had some limes throughout some of the centerpieces which I love...I think it's so fresh and preppy. The bride had the most gorgeous dress - it was actually very pale pink. Am I a stalker if I said I took some pics as we were setting up? hehe. I'm actually mainly doing it for my own BFF K's wedding...i've been taking pictures of most of the weddings at work for her to get ideas. So anyways, not sure if this is even legal, but here's the cell phone pics i took:And I'm not even usually a fan of tall big poofy centerpieces, but these were actually very tasteful and not over the top. Totally love it!

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Barefoot in the Park said...

what pretty flowers! i'm so excited about the swap! i've been shopping! :)

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