Thursday, March 27, 2008

A New Addition??

Could it be? Is Sailor Boy finally breaking under extreme pressure??? Look at what we SERIOUSLY talked about last night:

After 3 years of trying, I may have finally convinced Sailor Boy to get a dog!!! I can hardly believe it! I found a family selling puppies in our area, so just for fun, I sent him the website link. He actually said "let's talk about it tonight". I almost fell out of my chair at work. So we go get mexican food at our fave place for dinner and he actually tells me he's not "totally opposed to getting a dog in the very near future". (that's a direct quote!). i LOVE chocolate labs and i would be SO super excited if we got one. So I'm going to contact the family and hopefully we will be getting one!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! I already have name picked out for my future dog (yes, I said I was obsessed). I've actually had it picked out for a while...Murphy. I love it. I think it's just so cute and fun and preppy. It could also work for a boy or a girl dog. I don't have a preference on that...I just want a fun wonderful dog to love!! I will most definitely update as we figure out details!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring is here! (at least for today)

So the weather is FINALLY starting to feel spring-like! I'm loving the sunshine and 60 degrees...I even wore a skirt today to celebrate the (hopefully) end of winter! My office is really cold, so I usually don't get to wear skirts until its like 100 degrees out...but I was so happy this morning when I was getting dressed that I couldn't resist!

Speaking of spring (and clothes)...I got a catalog in the mail yesterday for a clothing company i have never heard of before: Joules Clothing Has anyone bought anything from there before??? I'm sort of OBSESSED with everything they have in their catalog and online...I'm very tempted to try it! They're based out of England, but right now they have free shipping (ANYWHERE!) on orders over $150.00. Everything they carry is so fun, preppy and summery. Here's a few of my faves:

I want everything they have! The prices aren't too terrible and I really like that they have a size conversion chart to help you figure out the US sizes for everything. So I will most likely end up breaking down and ordering some know, just to try it out. Call it market research. haha. But don't worry...I'm still a J.Crew girl through and through!

In other news, I'm currently planning an engagement ladies brunch for my bff, K, who just got engaged last month. She's really the first one of us from our close group of friends to get engaged (although there are a few who are right behind her, I'm sure), so we wanted to do something super fun, girly and preppy to celebrate the occasion!! we're doing a pink and green garden party (of course!) in the backyard of one of the other co-hosts. I'm SO excited about everything we've planned so far...check out the invites we just sent out:

Obviously it was personalized with our info, but that's the sample from the company we ordered them from. We plan on serving mini chicken salad sandwiches, quiche, fruit salad, brie with crackers and mini strawberry shortcakes for each guest! Now lets just cross our fingers for no rain!

Hope everyone (if there is anyone reading this) has a fabulous, sunny Wednesday!

Friday, March 21, 2008


Happy Almost Easter!!! It's so early this year! I usually like it to be later in April so it's warmer out and the flowers are blooming. Plus, I like to be able to wear a cute dress or skirt for my "easter outfit". I think this year I'll just be wearing my favorite kelly green chinos from J.Crew and this awesome white shirt I got from Target recently. It's adorable....not quite eyelit, more like swiss dot:

Hopefully I'll be dying eggs tomorrow evening after work...I'm not a huge fan of hardboiled eggs, but Sailor Boy LOVES them! So I figure I can make them all cute, preppy and fun and then he can eat them all! I love these from Martha:

I'm going to attempt striped and polka dot eggs this year...we'll see how it goes!! I also like these:

but it seems like a bit more work. I guess I should also get some fun stuff to make Sailor Boy an Easter Basket. Hmm...procrastinate much?? haha...i hope this isn't a sign of what kind of mother I will be...waiting till the last minute to get all the stuff for Easter Baskets so my kids are stuck with the gross candy and ugly cheap baskets. yikes!
We're going to the early AM church service and then heading to brunch with my parents at one of my favorite places. After brunch, we'll drive up to Sailor Boy's families Easter Celebration...about an hour away from where we live. My parents live in the same town as us (the town I grew up in), which is nice because we get to see them just enough! haha. We try and see Sailor's boys parents a fair amount too...holidays are always hard to find a balance!
So I hope everyone has a wonderful and sunny Easter Sunday and you get lots of treats from the Easter Bunny!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tried to make me go to rehab...

and I said no, no, no....for my shopping addiction that is. As much as I REALLY do try to stop it, something comes over me and I find myself getting out the trusty visa check card without even blinking an eye. J.Crew doesn't make the situation any better by always updating their sale section and then doing an additional 20% off!! this just came for me today at work:

I haven't tried it on yet, but it's super cute and I love the ruffles around the neckline. I waited and waited for it to keep getting cheaper, and finally....sold! i think i justify myself by saying that I hardly even buy anything full price, plus I'm constantly looking for bargains and deals. So i really don't spend THAT much! Sailor boy has a major problem with it...I think he's scared to see what would happen in a few years if we got married and had shared bank accounts. right now, there's not much he can say since it's MY money that I earn...but if it was shared, he may freak out! his other issue is with closet space. our bedroom closet is actually HUGE but i do admit, I take up most of it. I have suggested many times that he can always use the other laundry room closet we have, but he never takes to that idea very well. hmmm.
anyways, i can't wait to get home and try the dress on! I'm totally obsessed...ruffles AND polka dots...oh my!

Monday, March 17, 2008

My First Post!!

How exciting! I started a blog! after a few months of reading other blogs and loving them, I thought i'd give it a try. so wish me luck!!

a little about me. i'm 26 (it's huge for me to actually admit that...i have a thing with getting older and turning 30 in 3.5 short years scares me to death!!), i live in Maryland and I work in event planning. Wedding Planning to be exact, for a local hotel and resort in my town. My job is fabulous, about 98% of the time. It definitely has it's drawbacks (like working every single saturday and dealing with some crazy brides with weird family dynamics and bizarre demands), but overall i love it!!

I currently rent a tiny 800 square foot apartment with my boyfriend of 3ish years...we'll call him Sailor Boy. He's not in the military, but he sails boats for fun pretty much every weekend. he also races them quite frequently and has even traveled for sailing regattas. I do not sail. ever. even though he's slowing trying to convince me to come out on a sailboat for the first time ever (he hasn't gotten very far with this after 3 years of dating) i prefer motor boats that can't tip over in the wind. I like the idea of sailing and the whole nautical thing (i could compile some adorable sailing outfits if i was to ever go out with him!!), but for some reason, sailboats are not my thing.

back to the point. so we've been living together since September and at first, it was QUITE an adjustment. i'm an only child (please erase any misconstrued notions of only children...i am very down to earth and not at all spoiled by my parents). anyways, it definitely took a while to get used to sharing a space with sailor boy, mainly because he's a boy and inherently messy. i'm OCD clean and's sort of a problem. so after we got over that, we're actually settling into sharing a place and enjoying it! eventually we would like to buy a place (a bigger place!), but we're just trying to save money right now, so the apartment works for us.

since my job is wedding central, i'm not really in any hurry to get married myself. obviously i know sailor boy is the guy i want to marry and it will happen, i'm not trying to rush it. my bff actually just got engaged a few weeks ago, so i've been busy helping her plan, i can't fill my head with any other wedding stuff, especially if it was my own! so we'll see what happens. i think both of our parents would LOVE us to get engaged soon and sailor boy may be getting some pressure there, so who knows what will happen. i can tell you one thing...if/when we do get engaged, i really want to elope :-)

other random things about me...i am totally obsessed with dogs and i'm dying to get one. but sailor boy says not right now, while we're so cramped on space in our apartment. i understand his point, but i'm still completely dog crazy! my current list of fave dogs is: english bulldogs, chocolate labs, Boston terriers, viszlas, goldendoodles and king charles spaniels. very diverse list, i know.

i also may have a shopping problem. it's sort of out of control. my weakness is of course j.crew...however i have no problem spending just as much time/money at a lower end store such as target. may be my biggest's just so easy to put several hundred dollars into your shopping cart and then before you know it, you've clicked "submit order". ooops. i'm really trying to get better, but it's a hard addiction to quit! Speaking of addictions, i also have quite the celebrity gossip problem...i check it religiously and i'm the one my friends check with for the latest news. i may not be able to tell you about all the foreign affairs in iraq, but i can tell you who paris hilton is dating. that's sort of!

that's pretty much it for my life. i'm going to use this blog to discuss my life, any exciting news, awesome shopping finds and just my random thoughts on everything and anything! hope you enjoy it!
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