Friday, March 21, 2008


Happy Almost Easter!!! It's so early this year! I usually like it to be later in April so it's warmer out and the flowers are blooming. Plus, I like to be able to wear a cute dress or skirt for my "easter outfit". I think this year I'll just be wearing my favorite kelly green chinos from J.Crew and this awesome white shirt I got from Target recently. It's adorable....not quite eyelit, more like swiss dot:

Hopefully I'll be dying eggs tomorrow evening after work...I'm not a huge fan of hardboiled eggs, but Sailor Boy LOVES them! So I figure I can make them all cute, preppy and fun and then he can eat them all! I love these from Martha:

I'm going to attempt striped and polka dot eggs this year...we'll see how it goes!! I also like these:

but it seems like a bit more work. I guess I should also get some fun stuff to make Sailor Boy an Easter Basket. Hmm...procrastinate much?? haha...i hope this isn't a sign of what kind of mother I will be...waiting till the last minute to get all the stuff for Easter Baskets so my kids are stuck with the gross candy and ugly cheap baskets. yikes!
We're going to the early AM church service and then heading to brunch with my parents at one of my favorite places. After brunch, we'll drive up to Sailor Boy's families Easter Celebration...about an hour away from where we live. My parents live in the same town as us (the town I grew up in), which is nice because we get to see them just enough! haha. We try and see Sailor's boys parents a fair amount too...holidays are always hard to find a balance!
So I hope everyone has a wonderful and sunny Easter Sunday and you get lots of treats from the Easter Bunny!

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