Thursday, March 27, 2008

A New Addition??

Could it be? Is Sailor Boy finally breaking under extreme pressure??? Look at what we SERIOUSLY talked about last night:

After 3 years of trying, I may have finally convinced Sailor Boy to get a dog!!! I can hardly believe it! I found a family selling puppies in our area, so just for fun, I sent him the website link. He actually said "let's talk about it tonight". I almost fell out of my chair at work. So we go get mexican food at our fave place for dinner and he actually tells me he's not "totally opposed to getting a dog in the very near future". (that's a direct quote!). i LOVE chocolate labs and i would be SO super excited if we got one. So I'm going to contact the family and hopefully we will be getting one!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! I already have name picked out for my future dog (yes, I said I was obsessed). I've actually had it picked out for a while...Murphy. I love it. I think it's just so cute and fun and preppy. It could also work for a boy or a girl dog. I don't have a preference on that...I just want a fun wonderful dog to love!! I will most definitely update as we figure out details!!!

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