Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pinterest for the win

Last week, my BFF K was nice enough to hand down a gazillion outfits to P that her son has outgrown. They are all super cute, but she did warn me that a lot of them had some stains and she hadn't really tried too hard to get any of them out. Meaning, they had been set in for over a year. A lot of the clothes are just play clothes and outfits I plan to use for daycare, but there were some really adorable things and I decided to attempt a hardcore stain removal.

After searching good ol' trusty Pinterest, it led me to a few sites who swore by a magic laundry cleaner with a few simple household items:

Hydrogen Peroxide, Dawn Dishsoap and Baking Soda. 3 things everyone pretty much always has on hand. You do 2 parts peroxide and 1 part Dawn and baking soda. I mixed up a lot so I did 1 cup of peroxide and 1/2 cup of the Dawn and soda.
Mix it up really well - it obviously starts to bubble up from the peroxide. With the baking soda, it sort of becomes thick and paste-like. Isn't the color so pretty?

After I had my solution made up, I headed down to our dungeon laundry room and got to work  treating the stains.
This is the first outfit I worked on - isn't it adorable? I'm a sucker for anything with whales! You can't really tell from the picture, but there was a huge spit up stain going down the entire right side of this outfit. And it had been there for 2 years and washed and dried a million times to really set the stain in.
So I dumped a bunch of the mixture onto the stain. And yes, that's our baby monitor - had to use baby boy's nap time for something productive!
 Then I used a brush to scrub the stain remover into the stain. As per the instructions, I let it sit for 1 hour to let it really soak in.
 Again, these pictures really suck, but here's another stain on this adorable Polo outfit. Just take my word for it, the stain was there and really gross.
I mean, seriously, how adorable? You can see why I really wanted to get these stains out so baby boy could wear these!
 Madras collar! The other side of the white color was super stained.
 Again, hard to tell, but take my word for it! Gross baby food stain!
 Nautical romper! OMG!
 Spit up stain right on the front of the collar. Not cute.

So I applied the stain removed to like 8 outfits, scrubbed it in and let them all sit for an hour. Then I just washed them like normal.
 I put the remaining solution into a water bottle for future use!
 The results! I'm sorry that I can't truly capture how clean and bright white this turned out!
The stain is 100% GONE!
 I can't wait to put P in this!
And the collar of this one is now super white! Every single outfit came clean with zero stains left behind. I just wish I could capture it better on film, but I was blown away by how well it worked.

So I would highly recommend this for any stains, especially set in ones that are tough to get out. It's inexpensive as well, which is always a plus in my book. Gotta love Pinterest!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thoughts on Cloth Diapering (so far)

Now that we've been cloth diapering P all summer, I thought I would share our experiences and what has worked for us. We absolutely LOVE the cloth diapers and I'm so glad we decided to go with them.

Every website/blog on cloth diapers tells you to start with a variety of brands so you can have options and see what works best for you. Well, I didn't do that. Our stash is 85% Fuzzibunz One Size pocket diapers. I stocked up on them during a few sales and bulk discounts. I refuse to pay retail for any diapers so I only bought them if they were on sale. The reason I went with mostly FB's was because 2 of my good friends who use cloth both told me they were their favorite diaper and that they work really well for babies who are long and skinny. P is pretty much a string bean and the diapers have fit him perfectly since he was 2.5 weeks old.

Not gonna lie - a big reason I love the cloth is because they are just so cute and colorful!
So our stash is 18 FB (9 regular "old style" OS pockets and 9 of their new "Elite" OS pockets), 3 BumGenius 4.0, 2 Lotuzbumz that I got for super cheap on Zulily and 1 BumCheeks that I got from BabySteals.  We also recently added a Bonnibunz Overnight Nappy to our stash since P is sleeping through the night and we needed something super absorbent - baby boy is a seriously heavy wetter! We went with all snap closures because they tend to hold up better than the aplix (velcro) and I wanted them to last for P and any future kids.
This is the first cloth diaper we put him in at 2.5 weeks - it fit his skinny little chicken legs!
We love the OS pockets because they have fit Preston from when he was about 7.5 pounds and will continue to fit until we potty train him. Our main reason for using the cloth was the cost savings, so I definitely wanted 1 set of diapers for the entire time he will be wearing them. The pockets are also nice because you can customize the liners to adjust the level of absorbancy. We are still using the minky/terry inserts that came with them, but as he gets older/bigger, I can see us adding some hemp or bamboo inserts that will be more absorbent. On nights where our Bonnibunz Overnight diaper is dirty, we use a FB and I'll double or triple stuff it with minky and it works pretty well.

Major Fluffy Butt!
One benefit of cloth that we've found (and didn't necessarily expect) was how "healthy" they keep his little tushy. In the 2 months that we've been using them, he has never had any diaper rash or irritation in the cloth. We actually hadn't planned on starting the cloth until he was bigger/older (around a month to 6 weeks) but then he got a HORRIBLE bout of diaper rash at 2.5 weeks old (I think it was from the wipes we were using because they had alcohol in them). On a whim, I put him in a cloth diaper the day we saw the rash and it was completely gone in 2 days.
We sun our diapers outside to get the stains out - Jake built me this rack by attaching clothes pins to a drying rack and it works great for hanging the diapers outside.
 I had also read that the OS pockets don't tend to fit newborns until they hit about 10 pounds because their legs are so skinny. Well Preston was 7.5 pounds and had the skinniest legs ever when I first tried the cloth and the Fuzzibunz fit him great. The FB's are really customizable and tend to be able to be adjusted down really small in the legs/waist and we've never had any issues with leaks. It took a little while for the BG's and other diapers in our stash to fit him, but he can now rock every diaper we own with his chubby little legs. Our favorite diapers are still the FB's because they are super trim and the fit is really good on P, but I do love how easy to adjust the BG 4.0's are as well.
Cloth diapers make P want to show off his guns!
The washing process isn't bad at all - we do laundry every other day. We do a cold rinse, hot wash with detergent and then 2 cold rinses. Then we sun the diapers outside and put the inserts in the dryer. We use Tide powdered detergent because I can easily get it at the grocery store, it's inexpensive plus I almost always have a coupon and I love the way it smells! We have a stainless steel trashcan with a lid that we use Planet Wise Pail liners in and we have no smell at all, except for the 2 seconds that the can is open as we are dropping a diaper in.
So comfy in the cloth diapers

I know a lot of people get grossed out by touching the dirty dipes and having to wash them. Honestly, I am grossed out easily and it doesn't really bother me. I mean, changing a diaper isn't exactly fun no matter if it's a disposable or cloth. Right now, while P is on formula, the entire diaper, poop and all, can go straight into the washing machine. The same goes for breastfed babies - before solids, poop is completely water soluble. I was TERRIFIED to put poop into our washer the first time, but it seriously came right out and there's never been any "build up" in our machine. Once he starts eating food at 6 months, we will spray the poopy diapers into the toilet, but we'll worry about all of that when we come to it. Sort of TMI, but P only poops once a day anyways, so the amount of poopy diapers is not bad at all.
Jake calls this P's "tropical" diaper

We also use cloth wipes and I really think that's my favorite part of the entire process. They are so soft and I think they really make a difference in how gentle they are on a sensitive baby butt. We were gifted 2 sets of Bum Genius Flannel Cloth Wipes and a set of Thirsties Fab Wipes so we have 36 wipes and it's more than enough. We use our wipes dry and spray P's behind with California Baby Diaper Area Wash before wiping. Some people choose to use their wipes wet and we may move to that once he starts eating solids. Once the California Baby spray runs out, I will probably look into making my own solution.
You can see the diaper peeking out of the onesie -
I am sort of obsessed with making sure his diaper matches his outfit at all times!!

So we are loving the cloth diapers at almost 3 months old and I cannot see that love affair ending anytime soon. I will do an updated post in a few months (once he starts solids) to track any changes with how everything is going. But I would recommend cloth diapering to anyone - it's really no harder (or grosser!) than disposables and I think the benefits (cost, a healthy baby butt, good for the environment) outweigh any negatives. Yay Fluffy Butts!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012

"The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice"
~ Peggy O'Mara

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One of those days

Today was one of those days where I never got P dressed and he just wore a diaper all day, I got back in bed during his morning nap and we didn't leave the house at all except to go to the mailbox. Trying to savor the 1.5 weeks of maternity leave I have left with the little man. I think the snuggles in the middle of the day is what I will miss most.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Birth Story - Part 4

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It was sort of surreal when the midwife told me we were going to start pushing. I don't want to say it was anti-climatic, but it just didn't seem like we were so close to meeting our little man.

Oh and I should mention - the best part of my whole I was laboring down, my wishes came true and my nurse Kim had to go help another patient who was about to start pushing! So I got to get a new nurse, Meg, who was AMAZING. I was so happy to have her for the pushing - she was super supportive, nice and helpful. I absolutely loved her!

Shaina and Meg had me do a few practice pushes, just to see how everything was going. I obviously had no idea how to push, but I was pleasantly surprised when Shaina told me I was doing it completely perfectly. With my epidural, I could tell when a contraction was coming (my belly would get tight, but I felt no pain) and then Shaina would confirm it on the monitor and I would start pushing.

An interesting thing that happened when I got my epidural was that my contractions slowed down from every 2 minutes to every 5 minutes but they started lasting a lot longer - each contraction was lasting 2 minutes! (Another reason I was glad to have that epidural!!) So because of that, I was able to get 5-6 pushes (counts of 10 each) in during each contraction. That helped me to make great progress and really move him down each time I pushed. As soon as I started pushing, Shaina told me she thought it wouldn't take long for me to get him out, so that was great motivation to know that he would be coming quickly.

I don't know if it was because I stayed fairly active during my pregnancy, but I didn't find pushing to be hard or strenuous at all. I never felt like it was some crazy physical thing - it was just exciting to know that I was so close to meeting Preston and I actually really enjoyed pushing a lot. Since my contractions were so spaced out, I did get a longer time to rest in between each one and that in between time was actually really fun. We were all laughing and joking around between pushes - I was talking about how I really wanted a beer and a cheeseburger!

I was so happy to have Shaina delivering, as she was really helping to make sure I didn't tear and was able to guide him down the birth canal once he got low enough. I'm not really sure what all she was doing (and Jake said I should be glad not to see what she was doing down there!) but I am sure she's the reason I had such an easy recovery. The biggest part was getting his head under my pubic bone - once he got to that point, it would just take a quick push to get him out. When he got under the bone, they offered me a mirror so I could see him coming out.

Let me just say - I never thought I would want a mirror. But in that moment, I wanted to see him be born so I quickly said yes. They brought it over and I could see his tiny head and SO MUCH blonde hair! It was so funny to me that his head was right there and that his hair was bright blonde, just like me and Jake, that I started laughing hysterically. It wasn't even during a contraction, but Shaina said "That's actually really helping to move him down and out - keep laughing!" It was seriously the most amazing and surreal experience, but I just laughed and laughed and his little head popped out!! Shaina pulled the rest of him out and he was placed immediately on my chest. I pushed/laughed for an hour and 10 minutes and Preston was born at 5:42pm on June 1st.

He was so tiny, pink and perfect. I couldn't believe he was here and he was real. He started screaming immediately and I will never forget looking into his eyes and falling totally in love.

We did delayed cord clamping, so he stayed on my chest and Jake cut the cord about 5 minutes later. I held him for probably another 20 minutes and then J got to hold him, which was amazing to watch. They finally took him over to be weighed and cleaned up, then they brought him right back to me, where he stayed until we got ready to be moved to our postpartum room.

It was honestly the labor and birth of my dreams. I would do it again 50 times if I could have the same experience - I even said to Jake as we were being wheeled down to our room that I was ready to give birth again. I loved every minute of being pregnant and the birth was sort of like the icing on the cake. Yes, the pain I felt before getting the epidural was intense, but it's crazy how fast you forget once the baby is in your arms.

So that's the story about how Preston Charles entered our lives - nothing has been the same since!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Birth Story - Part 3

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It was around 8:00am by the time we got settled into our room. Luckily, the room was huge and there was plenty of room for me to walk back and forth, which was my new preferred method of labor. I also met my nurse, Kim. Let's just say, I was not a fan of her. Yes, it's cute that we have the same name, but we couldn't have been more different. The first thing she said to me was "Let me know when you want the epidural" and the second was "First time mom's usually push for about 3 hours". Basically, I wanted to punch her in the face. I was so thankful to have Jake there - he handed her our very short birth plan, which stated that I wanted to labor for as long as possible with drugs and I would let them know if and when I wanted the epidural.

Since I was laboring without drugs, I was happy to have the freedom to walk and move how I wanted to. While I found the exercise ball to be amazing at home, once I got to the hospital, I couldn't stand to sit on it and walking and bending over felt so much better. The policy at my hospital was that I could be off the fetal heart monitor for 40 minutes and then had to be on for 20 minutes, so they could make sure P was doing alright and handling the contractions. During my 20 minute stints on the monitor, I had to stand over by the machine and couldn't walk, which started to get more and more uncomfortable as the time went on. I started leaning over the bed to handle the contractions and doing this caused the monitor to keep falling off my belly.

After a few rounds of this, the lovely Kim informed me that for my next 20 minute stint on the monitor, I would need to lay in bed because they had to get a continuous 20 minutes of his heart rate without any interruptions and my bending over the bed wasn't working. Was she serious? Laying in bed was my definition of hell. But I wanted to make sure everything was good with baby boy, so I got in bed and spent the next 20 minutes pretty much hating life.

It was at that time that I started thinking I would need the epidural, as laboring in bed was just not going to be something I could handle. Going in, I was never opposed to getting an epidural, but I really wanted to go as long as possible without it as getting one too early can slow down labor. My wonderful midwife Shaina came in and we discussed the epidural. She offered to check my progress because she was pretty sure I was fairly far along and didn't think the epidural would slow me down at this point. Sure enough, I was almost at 8cm dilated and she said my water was about to break. She also said if I wanted the epidural, I might want to get it before my water broke, as the contractions get so much worse once that happens.

So Kim got her wish and she was happy to call the anesthesiologist to get me set up for the epidural. My savior, I mean anesthesiologist, came in and delivered the most perfect epidural ever. Now, I will admit, the whole process of it going in was seriously horrible. I don't know why I had such a hard time with getting it, but apparently I kept flinching and couldn't sit still and he had a hard time getting it in the correct spot in my back. So that definitely sucked and I may have screamed "never mind, I changed my mind about the epidural!" Yes, that's how bad it sucked. I think I was just tired, overwhelmed, hormonal and in pain. But once I calmed down and he was able to get it in, I was instantly happy that I got it. I was numb from pain, but I could also move both my legs and feel if someone touched me.

All smiles after the epidural
It was about 1:30pm by the time I got my epidural, so I had been in labor for 12 hours at that point. With the relief from the medicine, Jake and I were both able to snooze for about an hour. When Shaina came back in, she said I was 9cm and decided to break my water, as she thought that would help to get me to a 10. Sure enough, about 30 minutes later, I was at 10cm, however, the baby was still pretty high up so they let me "labor down" which is basically just waiting around for the baby to come down the birth canal before you start pushing. Since I wasn't in any pain, this was actually a chill and fun time and Jake and I were chatting and laughing about our final few minutes as a family of 2.

Around 4:30pm, Shaina came in and informed us it was time to push! Whoa, was this really happening?!?!

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Birth Story - Part 2

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I'm not sure why I was so sure that first contraction was going to be the start of "real" labor, but I just knew. As that first contraction ripped through me, I sat up in bed and knew we needed to start timing these. Imagine my surprise when the next one came just 2 minutes later. At that point, I got out of bed and got my exercise ball and begin to rock on it. We had taken Hypnobirthing classes to cope with labor and the plan was to labor at home for as long as possible to avoid interventions and let my body do what it needed to do. I got my iPod and started listening to the Hypnobirthing tracks in order to "zone out" and get as relaxed as possible.

So I'm rocking on my ball next to the bed with my headphones on and handling/breathing through each contraction as they came - still exactly 2 minutes apart. I was really surprised by how painful they were and how they were immediately so close together. I figured when labor started, it would ramp up a little bit slower, but this was definitely intense.

During this time, I really didn't know and wasn't paying attention to what Jake was doing. I knew that he had gotten out of bed but I didn't really want or need him to help me, as I preferred to labor by myself with the Hypnobirthing tracks to relax me. Later I learned that he was frantically running around the house, packing the car, showering, shaving, etc. It was actually probably pretty comical to watch this. I do remember him making me put a towel down on the carpet underneath my exercise ball in case my water broke HA!

My contractions were still consistently coming every 2 minutes apart and lasting about a minute in duration. I do remember Jake asking me if we should head to the hospital soon and I kept saying no. I guess the way I was handling them was changing and he was getting freaked out because they were more intense. He wanted to call the midwives to check on everything but I kept telling him not to and that we were staying home longer.

I had no idea what time it was or how long the contractions had been coming and Jake soon informed me that it was 6:00am and that my contractions had been coming for 5 hours. He decided (without telling me) to call the midwives to see if we should head into the hospital soon. The midwife, Jennifer, wanted to talk to me (I guess to gauge how much pain I was in) and I managed to speak to her for about 2 seconds during a contraction. Honestly, at that point, the pain was pretty ridiculous and the only thing I wanted to do was rock on my ball and remain quiet.

Jennifer told me that we should head into the hospital within the next 30 minutes. I was not a fan of this idea, so I got off the phone and told Jake "oh, she said we have at least an hour until we should start to head in". Yes, I totally lied. Jake suggested I jump into the shower quickly to see if that would help with the pain and he knew I would want a last shower since we didn't know how long it would be until I got another one. I had heard that some people loved laboring in the shower, but for me, it was awful. I couldn't relax standing up and I had to keep gripping the shower walls during a contraction. It was the quickest shower of my life and I couldn't wait to get out.

I took my time getting dressed and generally just dilly dallied around to avoid getting in the car for as long as I could. Jake started to see through my plan and pretty much forced me into the car. I knew the car ride would NOT be fun to deal with contractions, plus I still felt we were heading into the hospital too early. They send you home unless you are 4 centimeters dilated and I was convinced that there was no way I was 4cm. Yes, after laboring for 6 hours at home with contractions coming every 2 minutes, I still thought that I hadn't made any progress. It was about 7:00am by the time we left for the hospital.

As I suspected, the car ride sucked. It was horrible to sit in the car and every bump in the road was agony. We pulled into the parking garage and I decided I still did not want to go into the hospital. There is a neighborhood behind our hospital and I suggested to Jake that we go walk through the streets there before going in. He looked at me like I had 5 heads and basically dragged me into the hospital. The walk up to the L&D unit was pretty miserable as well and I had to keep stopping and breathing through each contraction. Apparently, I was making quite a bit of noise during each one but I was glad it was still pretty early in the morning and there wasn't many people around.

After dealing with the most unfriendly triage receptionist EVER (she actually asked me to fill out the forms, as I'm literally bending over in pain during a contraction - do I look like I can fill out forms?? I threw the clipboard to Jake and walked away to deal with my pain. And I may have called her crazy loudly), we got to triage and the nurse came into check me. I informed her that we were probably going to be going home as I was convinced I wasn't far enough along. She took one look at me and said "honey, I don't even really need to check you. I can tell by looking at you that you are staying".

Of course, she was right. I was at 5cm and completely effaced and they started making arrangements to get us in a room. Whoa - this was really happening!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Birth Story - Part 1

I didn't know if I would feel like sharing Preston's birth story, but I decided I wanted to write it up and share mainly so I would have it for my own memories. Yes, it's been almost 2.5 months, so my memories might already be a little bit fuzzy at this point, but here goes nothing.

TMI Alert - I will be talking about gross, labor related things in these posts. 

So P had been breech until our 39 week check up, when he surprisingly flipped head down. At that point, my midwife did a cervical check so we would know what was going on down there and found that I was 75% effaced and 2cm dilated. Woo Hoo! She thought I wouldn't make it to my 40 week appointment a week later so I, of course, got super excited!

Well imagine my disappointment when I did make it to my 40 week appointment (Tuesday, May 29th) and let them check me again, only to discover I had made zero progress from last week. The midwife said we needed to schedule an appointment with the Maternal and Fetal Medicine doctor now that I was over my due date (they do this for everyone who goes over) just to check everything out and make sure the baby was doing ok. I set the appointment for Friday, June 1st and the funny receptionist at their office assured me that I would probably not be making it to the appointment and would have the baby before then.

I spent the rest of that week walking, walking and walking some more. I'm not kidding when I say I walked 6-7 miles a day. Yes, at 40+ weeks pregnant in the late May heat. I'm sure I was a crazy sight to see. I should also mention that at this point, I hadn't had ONE single real contraction and I was barely feeling my Braxton Hicks either. So I was pretty depressed that my body wasn't doing anything and that I was going to have to be induced.

Thursday, May 31st, I went on a cleaning spree. I was scrubbing baseboards, vacuuming and wiping down windowsills. Jake had called his mom that afternoon and told her about my cleaning and she said "ooh, she's having that baby SOON!" Considering I still had no contractions or really any feelings or signs of labor, I laughed it off.

Around 6:00pm on the 31st, we were downstairs eating dinner and watching TV. I decided to bounce/rock/sway on my exercise ball that I had been using for most of the last part of pregnancy. As I'm bouncing up and down, I felt a weird wet sensation down there. I immediately said "oh crap, I think my water just broke!" Jake looked scared and I ran to the bathroom.

Let's just say, it was not my water breaking. It was my mucus plug. And it was the most horrifying and fascinating thing I have ever seen in my life. I won't get too into the details, but it was way bigger than I ever thought a mucus plug would be (even though I had no idea what to expect). And yes, I called Jake into the bathroom and made him look at it! I figured he was going to be seeing things far more gross than that when I was in labor so he should start preparing HA!

I got oddly excited after realizing that I lost my plug, even though I knew that it didn't really mean anything as far as going into labor. I was just happy that my body was finally doing something. Of course, I still had no contractions after that. I dragged J out to get Chick-fil-a milkshakes at like 9:30pm that night and on the way home, we drove over some speed bumps (gotta love all those old wives tales!)

We went to bed around 11:00pm that night and I still felt completely normal and no contractions at all. I woke up around midnight and thought to myself "wow, I've been having these really realistic dreams about having painful contractions". But I still felt normal and went back to sleep.

At 1:30am exactly, I woke up to my first "real" contraction - it jolted me awake and felt like a crazy menstrual cramp that was ripping through my belly. I sat up and said to J "Holy shit, I'm in real labor"

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2 months!

P-man is 2 months old TODAY! I'm currently sitting in my pj's enjoying an iced coffee while the little man sleeps in his swing, so that's obviously quite a change from what I was doing this time 2 months ago HA! Month 2 has been really fun since Preston is much more alert and aware of everything around him. His little personality is coming out and he's smiling up a storm, cooing and talking and has crazy head and neck control! Might be time to break out the Bumbo chair!

Likes: chugging 5oz bottles, his bouncy chair especially when it's on vibrate, his hands, when daddy gets home from work, story time right before bed, hanging out on his changing table and staring at the mobile above it, going for walks in the stroller (but not when we stop!), breaking out of his swaddle blankets, being held upright by mommy and walked around the house

Dislikes: When he realizes a bottle is finished, burping, his carseat unless we are moving, being swaddled, getting out of the bathtub, loud noises when he's catnapping in the swing (like Spencer barking or mommy sneezing)

Biggest Milestone this month: Regular social smiling! I can get him to smile pretty easily now and he totally lights up when J gets home from work. Melts. My. Heart.

He also is still sleeping like a champ (fingers crossed I didn't just jinx us!). He takes several naps a day, many of which are 2 hours long. He goes down for the night between 7:00 and 8:00pm and normally will give us his longest stretch of sleep then, typically going at least 7 hours and as long as 9 hours! His middle of the night feeding is quick and then he normally goes back down for another 4-5 hours and wakes up in the morning anywhere from 6:30 to 7:30am. We are all feeling very rested!

Nicknames: P, P-Man, Pres, Little man, Bubba, Chubs, Toots, Toot Tootigan, Beautiful Boy

We are settling into a "routine" and it's getting easier to figure this little dude out. He eats six 5oz. bottles a day, for a total of THIRTY FREAKING OUNCES OF FORMULA A DAY. Yes, that's what a 5-6 month old should be eating. The pedi isn't concerned by his large appetite since he's growing normally so we're going with it! He's still pretty skinny, but SUPER long so we're thinking he just has a high metabolism like his dad.

He loves his play mat toys (especially Larry the Lion) and the farm animals on his bouncy chair (especially the corn?? He seriously can't stop staring at the plastic corn - it's bizarre but hilarious). His other new trick is putting his fist in his mouth. We're still waiting for him to find his feet. He is really strong and can hold his head up quite well.

Basically, we are totally in love with this amazing little boy! I can't wait to see what the next month holds. And for visual proof that little man is growing like a weed, here are his 1 and 2 month chair pictures side by side! Boggles my mind how much he's changed!

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