Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Outfit Help!

Being an OCD planner, I of course, like to decide on my outfit for the holidays far in advance. This year, we are going to J's family for Thanksgiving (we alternate every year), so there will be about 30 people there, of all ages. I love his extended family because all his cousins are around our age and it's fun to catch up with all of them!

Anyways, here's the outfit I have narrowed down for next Thursday:This dress - it's a sweater dress and super soft and comfy. Bonus that it's loose so I can eat as much as I want! EDIT - The dress is from Target! They have a ton of cute sweater dresses right now.
These boots - my knock off Frye boots from Target. I love these because the shade of brown is perfect, they were super cheap and look really cute.
To add in some more brown, this belt around the empire waist part of the dress.

My dilemma is coming in what color tights to wear with it. I'm thinking a fun color, such as navy or burgundy might be fun. But would that look weird? Should I go with brown? Or grey? Or even ivory? I'm not super good when it comes to fun accessories, so I need help!! What's your vote?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Back from Paradise

So we're back from Puerto Rico. Bummed to come back, but we had a fantastic time! I would highly recommend PR to anyone looking for a quick, fun, easy weekend getaway. Since it's part of the US, you don't have to go through customs or take a passport. We had a 3 hour direct flight both ways - it couldn't have been easier!

Of course, we had awesome (HOT!) weather the entire time! It's funny how you forget what hot weather feels like when you come from the cold fall temps. It actually snowed back home while we were gone - we saw that on the news as we were laying pool side with fruity drinks!

Here was the amazing view from our hotel balcony:And here's what we did all day:Here's the amazing and authentic Puerto Rican food we ate:
(this is Mofongo, which is mashed plantains topped with shredded marinated chicken. It's a local specialty and was delicious!)

We also did some sight seeing in Old San Juan and walked around the fort there, El Morro:
It was a great and relaxing way to celebrate turning 30! And J celebrated his 32nd birthday while we were there as well, so it was a double birthday trip!

Now I can't believe how fast the holidays are coming up! Thanksgiving next week?!?! Craziness!!
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