Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm an Aunt!

My "nephew" Will was born Wednesday morning (12:47am) and I'm totally in love with him! My BFF K and her husband B are already amazing parents. It was a long labor (15 hours!) followed by about 2.5 hours of pushing, before they realized this boy did not want to come on his own. So unfortunately, K had to have a c-section. However, the real reason for the c-section -- he's HUGE!!! 10.7 pounds! And 21.6" long! So he's basically 11 pounds and 22 inches- not sure if anyone would be able to give birth normally to a baby that big! We were all in shock when her husband came down to the hospital lobby to tell us. He's already wearing 3 month clothes!

K's brother in law is a fantastic photographer and was able to take tons of pictures right after he was born when we were all able to see him for the first time (at 3am!) Onto the pics...
Look at those lips!!
Loooong legs and loooong toes!
Wrapped in a towel after his first bath - I love this one cause I think he looks like a little eskimo!
K is recovering well and they get to come home from the hospital tomorrow. Of course, I've visited them every day since he was born because I'm a stalker. I just can't look at him enough - and he's already starting to change so much every day!
He's about 12 hours old here - love his squishy face! Can you tell he already loves his favorite aunt?
Funniest picture ever - J and I went over Thursday evening and J held him (and was super nervous about it) - Will woke up and gave J this look like "who are you??"

I'm not going to lie, he is definitely giving me baby fever! Ahhhh!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fun News!

A while back (probably in like March), my photographer from the wedding emailed me, and she told me that an editor from Brides Maryland magazine had found my wedding pictures on her website and wanted to feature us as a "Real Wedding" in their Fall/Winter 2010 issue. She wanted to know if I was interested - umm did she even think she really needed to ask???? A few weeks after that, the editor contacted me and sent me a 15 page (no joke!) questionnaire about our wedding and had me fill it out. Seriously, I have never written so much about anything in my life. They wanted every detail from planning and the wedding, complete vendor list, etc. It was quite intense and took me several days to finish.

Well I'm excited to announce that the magazine is now on newstands!! And we have a 2 page spread, complete with about 12 pictures and an article that they wrote from my questionnaire all about our wedding. It's pretty surreal to see yourself in a magazine - J and I were in grocery store like a week after it came out and I went over and grabbed it, opened it and we both stood there cracking up. They mailed me two issues, and you know I went and bought several more copies. ha! The article actually went in both Brides Maryland and Brides Washington DC, so it's available all over MD, DC and Northern VA if anyone in those areas wants to check it out.

Onto the pictures! (these are very poorly scanned copies, so you can't really read the article at all, but the pictures came out pretty good)
The cover
The first page - it was interesting to see which pictures they decided to use. Love that they used the school bus one!
The 2nd page - I was so excited that they featured my place cards...the only DIY project we had at the wedding! ha!

So that's my exciting news for the week. J thinks I'm crazy, but I'm seriously considering having the pages framed and hang them either in our room or my walk in closet. Is that weird? haha!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


So even though I've been a horrible blogger recently, I did receive two awards from two fun blogs!

Ms. Attitude left me the Blog with Substance Award:
And The Young Southern Prep left me the Versatile Blogger Award:
Thank you so much ladies, your blogs are super cute and I love reading them!

I'm supposed to list 7 random things about myself...

1. I can't go to sleep at night until our kitchen is completely spotless. I wipe down all the counters and use my swiffer vacuum on our tile floors to get every last speck of dirt up. Yes, it's a problem and yes I do need help, but even my husband has learned to accept this crazy OCD behavior.
2. I have a very good sense of direction and rarely get lost. However, I do still have a GPS in my car at all times, just in case.

3. Even though I'm still 1.5 years away, the thought of turning 30 makes me sick to my stomach. I have a serious age issue and I cannot handle getting older. I'm pretty sure I'm going to take off the entire week of work leading up to my 30th birthday and not get out of bed.

4. My favorite time of day is when J and I take our puppy dog for a long morning walk together. Typically during the week this is 6:00am, which is a bit rough, but I still love spending time together catching up and talking.

5. My first car was a burgundy Volvo Sedan that I LOVED. That car has so many memories and I drove it from 16 until my senior year of college, until the headgasket blew and it died. I miss that car so much - I wish I still had it.

6. We are growing 4 tomato plants in our backyard and after months of waiting, we will finally be picking delicious red tomatoes this weekend. I'm so excited! Here's our tomatoes when they were still green:
7. I'm loving my new job more and more every day. Not only am I'm totally obsessed with my hours, the job itself is so much fun! I feel like I'm really getting into it and I'm so excited to start new projects and be successful.

Happy Almost Friday!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

3 weeks later...

I'm back! I really didn't mean to take such a long blog break. It just sort of happened with leaving my old job and starting my new one. It's been a pretty crazy few weeks, so to be honest, blogging has been pretty far from my thoughts.

So I successfully put in my 2 weeks and I'm no longer planning weddings. To be completely honest, I do miss my brides. I think about them pretty much every Saturday - wondering how their weddings are going, what their dresses look like, etc. Of course, I think about this while I'm laying at the pool or running errands with J, which is now what my Saturdays consist of. I think I will always love weddings. Maybe there will come a time when I get back into it, but for now, I'm loving my new job and I'm REALLY loving my new incredible 40 hour work weeks!!

I finished up a pretty intensive 2 week training at my new job, and this past Monday, I started my first official day at my new hotel. So far, 4 days in, I LOVE what I'm doing. It's a nice change of pace and I'm learning a whole new aspect of hotel sales. Also, did I mention I don't have to work weekends anymore??? J and I are enjoying relaxing Saturday mornings, complete with big breakfasts, long walks with our puppy dog and trips to the farmers market. It's so awesome to get so much time together. We've been planning some fun weekend trips for this summer, including our first anniversary trip in September. It's crazy to me that we've already been married 10 months?!?! WHAT?

Other than that, we've just been doing more work to our house (always!) and I'm trying to see how tan I can get. The pool and yard work have been helping with that. This is definitely one of the best summers I've had in a LONG time!

So I'll be back more regularly!! Happy almost long weekend!
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