Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2 months!

P-man is 2 months old TODAY! I'm currently sitting in my pj's enjoying an iced coffee while the little man sleeps in his swing, so that's obviously quite a change from what I was doing this time 2 months ago HA! Month 2 has been really fun since Preston is much more alert and aware of everything around him. His little personality is coming out and he's smiling up a storm, cooing and talking and has crazy head and neck control! Might be time to break out the Bumbo chair!

Likes: chugging 5oz bottles, his bouncy chair especially when it's on vibrate, his hands, when daddy gets home from work, story time right before bed, hanging out on his changing table and staring at the mobile above it, going for walks in the stroller (but not when we stop!), breaking out of his swaddle blankets, being held upright by mommy and walked around the house

Dislikes: When he realizes a bottle is finished, burping, his carseat unless we are moving, being swaddled, getting out of the bathtub, loud noises when he's catnapping in the swing (like Spencer barking or mommy sneezing)

Biggest Milestone this month: Regular social smiling! I can get him to smile pretty easily now and he totally lights up when J gets home from work. Melts. My. Heart.

He also is still sleeping like a champ (fingers crossed I didn't just jinx us!). He takes several naps a day, many of which are 2 hours long. He goes down for the night between 7:00 and 8:00pm and normally will give us his longest stretch of sleep then, typically going at least 7 hours and as long as 9 hours! His middle of the night feeding is quick and then he normally goes back down for another 4-5 hours and wakes up in the morning anywhere from 6:30 to 7:30am. We are all feeling very rested!

Nicknames: P, P-Man, Pres, Little man, Bubba, Chubs, Toots, Toot Tootigan, Beautiful Boy

We are settling into a "routine" and it's getting easier to figure this little dude out. He eats six 5oz. bottles a day, for a total of THIRTY FREAKING OUNCES OF FORMULA A DAY. Yes, that's what a 5-6 month old should be eating. The pedi isn't concerned by his large appetite since he's growing normally so we're going with it! He's still pretty skinny, but SUPER long so we're thinking he just has a high metabolism like his dad.

He loves his play mat toys (especially Larry the Lion) and the farm animals on his bouncy chair (especially the corn?? He seriously can't stop staring at the plastic corn - it's bizarre but hilarious). His other new trick is putting his fist in his mouth. We're still waiting for him to find his feet. He is really strong and can hold his head up quite well.

Basically, we are totally in love with this amazing little boy! I can't wait to see what the next month holds. And for visual proof that little man is growing like a weed, here are his 1 and 2 month chair pictures side by side! Boggles my mind how much he's changed!


Kim said...

He is just so cute!! Love his little face!! Reminds me so much of my 7 months old a shocking 5 months ago!! 5oz is huge! That is great! we are up to 4 6oz bottles a day with 3 meals of solids! I love reading your posts and hearing your stories. And I love seeing your little man!! I have a bunch of the same PJs and onsies P-Man has been sporting we just have them in slightly bigger sizes! Congrats again on being a new mama!! It's such a wonderful thing to be a part of!!

MCW said...

I can't believe the difference between 1 and 2 months! He has grown SO much!

Anonymous said...

I called my nephew, Preston, "Presto-Besto." If you need another nickname, there you go! LOL.

Kate said...

He's getting so big! How great that he's a good eater and great sleeper!

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