Monday, March 17, 2008

My First Post!!

How exciting! I started a blog! after a few months of reading other blogs and loving them, I thought i'd give it a try. so wish me luck!!

a little about me. i'm 26 (it's huge for me to actually admit that...i have a thing with getting older and turning 30 in 3.5 short years scares me to death!!), i live in Maryland and I work in event planning. Wedding Planning to be exact, for a local hotel and resort in my town. My job is fabulous, about 98% of the time. It definitely has it's drawbacks (like working every single saturday and dealing with some crazy brides with weird family dynamics and bizarre demands), but overall i love it!!

I currently rent a tiny 800 square foot apartment with my boyfriend of 3ish years...we'll call him Sailor Boy. He's not in the military, but he sails boats for fun pretty much every weekend. he also races them quite frequently and has even traveled for sailing regattas. I do not sail. ever. even though he's slowing trying to convince me to come out on a sailboat for the first time ever (he hasn't gotten very far with this after 3 years of dating) i prefer motor boats that can't tip over in the wind. I like the idea of sailing and the whole nautical thing (i could compile some adorable sailing outfits if i was to ever go out with him!!), but for some reason, sailboats are not my thing.

back to the point. so we've been living together since September and at first, it was QUITE an adjustment. i'm an only child (please erase any misconstrued notions of only children...i am very down to earth and not at all spoiled by my parents). anyways, it definitely took a while to get used to sharing a space with sailor boy, mainly because he's a boy and inherently messy. i'm OCD clean and's sort of a problem. so after we got over that, we're actually settling into sharing a place and enjoying it! eventually we would like to buy a place (a bigger place!), but we're just trying to save money right now, so the apartment works for us.

since my job is wedding central, i'm not really in any hurry to get married myself. obviously i know sailor boy is the guy i want to marry and it will happen, i'm not trying to rush it. my bff actually just got engaged a few weeks ago, so i've been busy helping her plan, i can't fill my head with any other wedding stuff, especially if it was my own! so we'll see what happens. i think both of our parents would LOVE us to get engaged soon and sailor boy may be getting some pressure there, so who knows what will happen. i can tell you one thing...if/when we do get engaged, i really want to elope :-)

other random things about me...i am totally obsessed with dogs and i'm dying to get one. but sailor boy says not right now, while we're so cramped on space in our apartment. i understand his point, but i'm still completely dog crazy! my current list of fave dogs is: english bulldogs, chocolate labs, Boston terriers, viszlas, goldendoodles and king charles spaniels. very diverse list, i know.

i also may have a shopping problem. it's sort of out of control. my weakness is of course j.crew...however i have no problem spending just as much time/money at a lower end store such as target. may be my biggest's just so easy to put several hundred dollars into your shopping cart and then before you know it, you've clicked "submit order". ooops. i'm really trying to get better, but it's a hard addiction to quit! Speaking of addictions, i also have quite the celebrity gossip problem...i check it religiously and i'm the one my friends check with for the latest news. i may not be able to tell you about all the foreign affairs in iraq, but i can tell you who paris hilton is dating. that's sort of!

that's pretty much it for my life. i'm going to use this blog to discuss my life, any exciting news, awesome shopping finds and just my random thoughts on everything and anything! hope you enjoy it!

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♥Ashley said...


So I see you are a wedding planner? That is my ideal career path. I live in Northern VA. How did you get your start? I was trying to find your email but could not. You could always respond back here or my email:

Thanks for answering my question. it would mean a lot. I dont know anyone in this field and it is so hard to figure out what the best option for me is and if there are internships, etc. Thanks for your help! Love your blog! : )


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