Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tried to make me go to rehab...

and I said no, no, no....for my shopping addiction that is. As much as I REALLY do try to stop it, something comes over me and I find myself getting out the trusty visa check card without even blinking an eye. J.Crew doesn't make the situation any better by always updating their sale section and then doing an additional 20% off!! this just came for me today at work:

I haven't tried it on yet, but it's super cute and I love the ruffles around the neckline. I waited and waited for it to keep getting cheaper, and finally....sold! i think i justify myself by saying that I hardly even buy anything full price, plus I'm constantly looking for bargains and deals. So i really don't spend THAT much! Sailor boy has a major problem with it...I think he's scared to see what would happen in a few years if we got married and had shared bank accounts. right now, there's not much he can say since it's MY money that I earn...but if it was shared, he may freak out! his other issue is with closet space. our bedroom closet is actually HUGE but i do admit, I take up most of it. I have suggested many times that he can always use the other laundry room closet we have, but he never takes to that idea very well. hmmm.
anyways, i can't wait to get home and try the dress on! I'm totally obsessed...ruffles AND polka dots...oh my!

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