Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back in Action!!

Wow...I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! Work has been super busy and then the holiday weekend came up and I didn't really go anywhere near a computer because the weather was so amazing! I was at the pool or bbq's most of the weekend and it was fabulous! I finally got the hotdog I had been craving (ok, maybe 3 hot dogs). Monday was girls day at the pool with 4 of my best girlfriends. It was really hot so we actually got in the water, even though the pool was freezing cold. Literally, my legs were numb. For spending 5 hours at the pool, I didn't get too much color though, which I was bummed about because I always like coming back to work looking freshly sunned. Oh well, it's probably better for me...I was slathering on the 45 like whoa.
Since I was home alone all weekend, I also took about a million trips to the dog park with Spencer. We went Saturday afternoon and I had an encounter with the rudest woman. Of course, the dog park was packed all weekend and it's all these "non regulars". We've become regulars to the park and met all the other regulars, so we always feel weird when there's a ton of other people who are not normally there taking over the dog park. Call me snobby, but whatever. So because it was so crowded in the big dog park, I decided to take Spence over to the little dog park, because she really doesn't do too well when there are a ton of big dogs chasing her. So everything is fine and dandy in the little dog park and I'm playing fetch with Spencer. Well then this small little grey and white dog runs up to Spencer and wants to play chase. So Spencer obliges and starts to chase this little rat-like dog (sorry...I'm not a huge fan of small dogs). I will admit, Spencer is the biggest dog in the little dog park, but she is NOT aggressive at all. So the owner of rat dog starts to complain (loudly - and not directly to me...just announcing it to anyone who is close by) that Spencer is "chasing too rough". WHAT??? It's a freaking dog park...and it's not like she's killing your dog. She's chasing him...which is exactly what he wanted her to do. The owner is getting really upset with Spencer (since she's play growling and barking) and she actually pulls her off of her dog (which REALLY pissed me not touch my dog). The woman then tells me that she doesn't think Spencer should be in the little dog area and we should probably go to the big dog area. dog weighs 30 pounds. She's 5 months old. Thanks, but I will decide where she plays, since she's basically able to be in either area. I took Spencer over to the big dog park and we had a wonderful rest of our afternoon. Some people are just so rude!

That was the only non-fun part of my weekend. I was actually off yesterday too, which was nice and relaxing. I went to Target and Homegoods and did a fair amount of damage. They are both so dangerous!! I got the most adorable placemats at Homegoods...they're white with a black embroidered double border around them. They look like they need to be monogrammed in the middle though. I'm actually thinking about having them monogrammed and then give them to my BFF K for a shower or wedding present. Speaking of K's wedding, we ordered bridesmaids dresses!! Thanks to Jcrew's lovely additional 20% off sale, we ordered these this morning:

Not sure if you can tell, but the trim around the neck and straps is actually twisted, sort of like rope...i love it! With the 20% off sale, they were only $144 each! K has finally decided on navy with shades of pink and white as her final colors. So imagine that dress with a bouquet of pink and white flowers. I think it's going to be so pretty!! Plus, she wants to throw in some nautical touches, and I think that dress is semi-nautical with the neckline. The best part...she bought us both the dress as our present!! How amazing! I'll report back when they get here on how they fit.

Lastly...I want to thank my awesome summer swap partner, Barefoot in the Park, for my wonderful swap gifts!! I love it all!! Everything was adorable...I'm actually going to do a post about it tonight....with pictures! Spencer loves her toy...I almost didn't want to give it to her since I know she will just eat it in a few days! :-) But thank you again!! You should get mine soon...hopefully tomorrow!

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thepreppyprincess said...

What a shame about the unpleasant encounter at the dog park.
I just saw your bridesmaid dresses this weekend myself, and they really are wonderful. What a great pick you made for dresses. A classic look in a timeless color - great choice!

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