Friday, May 2, 2008

Feelin' Good Friday!

Finally it's the weekend! I have alot to do this weekend...but it's all fun stuff, so I'm happy about that. Sailor boy and the pup are actually heading out of town tonight, to his parents vacation house on the potomac river in virginia. not really sure where in va it is...all i know is that it takes us about 2.5 hours to get there and it's really in the middle of nowhere. It's very relaxing though and it's always a good time when we go down...too bad i can't come this weekend :-( Is it bad that I'm actually sort of happy to have the house to myself??? I have to work all day tomorrow, but then sunday...i have quite a day planned!!

I'm going to sleep in, hopefully I can stay in bed until at least 10. I have a hard time sleeping in anymore...i'm usually wide awake and out of bed by 7:30. But sunday...I will FORCE myself to be lazy and stay in bed late. Since the apartment will be boy and puppy free, I'm going to do some massive spring cleaning. This may not sound fun, but I'm super anal/OCD about cleaning and I love to just spend a day really cleaning everything, so to's heaven! I'm also going to get a pedicure and then lastly...TARGET!!! I just saw the target ad from the paper for the new Cynthia Rowley collection of home goods...OBSESSED! all the madras and pink and green...i MUST have it. I just hope I'm not too late! maybe i should go tonight!!! hehe.

In other fun news...sailor boy and i are officially MOVING!!! i wanted to wait until it was really final so i didn't jinx it, but it's 100% now. We're upgrading! A whole HOUSE and YARD for the dog. It's not the one we were looking at a while back...that one didn't work out because the house was SO old and SO big that the utilities were out of control. So we kept looking and finally found the perfect little house for us in the newspaper! The rent is very reasonable and it's actually in the same neighborhood we live in now, which is great because we love the area we live in. We can walk to like 5-6 of our friends places, so I'm glad that's not going to change...I like being close to everything :-)

It's a little 2 bedroom house that was completely upgraded 3 years ago, so all the appliances and everything is like brand new. It's just the most adorable house...white washed wood ceilings and hardwood floors. The backyard is HUGE and fenced in...basically spencer's idea of heaven!! I can't wait until we get a grill and some patio furniture to cook out and have barbeques!!! is it bad that I'm already shopping for stuff to furnish/decorate it and we haven't even moved in yet? We will move in hopefully July 1st - when our lease is up here. They want someone in June 15th, but we were able to negotiate a little bit for a later date.

Since it's a cottage, I want to decorate it sort of semi-beachy and fun. Most of our furniture/decor is green (couch, chairs, etc.) but I want to put some fun little new touches in...curtains, throw pillows, etc. I'm so excited!!! Here's the look I want from Pottery Barn...not sure if I could make it work with our green tweed couch, but I love it anyway!

Happy Friday!


nora said...

New to your blog, its great! I have a small condo and I tried to make it very beach cottage looking too. I love it!

Flamingos & Flip Flops said...

Just found your blog.. I'm in MD too. Congrats on finding a new place!

Kate said...

Just found your blog (I see a trend in the comments!) and I love this room- too cute!

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