Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Little Random

The yellow dress from JCrew came. It's super cute, but unfortunately, it's too big. So I called JCrew and spoke to their super friendly and helpful customer service. Not only did they have the smaller size, they are shipping it to me for free (since I didn't pay shipping to get it) and they honored the 20% off discount that I got when I ordered it. That's what I call fabulous customer service. So hopefully when I get the smaller size, all will be well. Once I saw the dress, I decided that silver shoes will be exactly what I need. The dress has a little bit of a sheen to it (it's also MUCH more bright yellow than it looks in the pictures, which I'm actually happy about) So it looks like I'm on the hunt for shoes yet again.

Spencer had her 4th puppy class tonight. She did SO much better than she has been doing. She's finally got "down", and she did awesome with stay. I am so proud of her. Last week she didn't do very well at all, so I was nervous she might not pass. She's halfway done with class and she's well on her way to becoming quite the well behaved and smart dog.

Speaking of Spencer, her favorite thing to do is to roll in the grass. When I get home from work and take her out, the first thing she does is dive into the grass and then roll like crazy. She gets this huge grin on her face and wags her tail and pretty much is the happiest dog in the world. It's honestly one of the cutest things I've ever seen. I'd been meaning to take some pictures of it, and I finally remembered last week...so here they are:
That last picture looks scary, but she's actually yawning. You can tell because her eyes are closed...she yawns more than any dog I've ever met. But she definitely looks super ferocious with her big scary baby dog teeth!!

Sailor Boy is going away for the weekend to Asheville NC for his cousin's wedding. I'm super jealous, but I have to work. He's the best man and the wedding should be amazing...it's on the bride's parents 100 acre farm. I'm sending him with my camera so he can take lots of pictures. We have a wedding at work on Sunday, so it really cuts into my holiday weekend. I'll be off Monday and Tuesday, so hopefully I'll get to enjoy some holiday weekend fun...mainly in the form of our community pool. It's actually not my community pool, it's my BFF K's pool. We call it "Melrose Place" because pretty much all of our friends go to the pool, plus it's mainly also other people our same age and there's always some sort of drama. I totally love it. I spend all my free time there all summer.

I'm getting all my Preppy Summer Swap stuff ready for my wonderful partner, Barefoot in the Park. I'm almost done shopping and I'm so excited to send her everything!! By the way partner, fabulous post about the ebates!! I checked it out today and I'm totally obsessed!!

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