Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Seis de Mayo

How was everyone's Cinco de Mayo?? I usually don't celebrate it that much, but last night my friend K hosted a little get together and I think I may have consumed 1 mango margarita too many. I was feeling a little "off" this morning. Normally I stay away from tequila all together (very bad experience in college), but the frozen mango mix was calling my name last night. Plus I ate about 2 tons of guacamole...probably not the best combination.

Spencer starts puppy school tonight!! And not a moment too soon, let me tell you. The problem is that she's been sort of cooped up while she's recovered from her spay surgery...the vet said not to let her run around and get too crazy until she gets her staples out this Friday. Well I think it's finally wearing on her, because you can tell she wants to run and jump, but we really aren't letting her. I know, we're so mean. All her built up energy is turning her into terror puppy! She's constantly barking and trying to run while we're out on walks, being super stubborn and generally just not listening to us. It's like she went from a very well behaved dog to a devil dog overnight. So I'm anxious to see how the class goes tonight and if we can start her back on track of behaving.

On my day off yesterday, I stopped by Marshalls and TJ Maxx to see if they had anything good...everyone had been talking about finding tons of cute Lilly and VV stuff at their stores. Well there was NOTHING at either of them. I was really bummed. Marshalls had ONE Lilly wrap shirt, but the print and style reminded me of hospital scrubs, so I didn't even try it on. I did get a very cute pair of black peep toe espadrilles (which I'm wearing as we speak). I like them because the heel is not too high. With my job, I'm constantly running around, but I still like wearing heels, so I was happy to find a cute compromise. Then, I went to get a pedicure and I was reading the latest Lucky magazine while the woman did my toes and there was a whole article on how lower espadrille heels are going to be the new hot thing for spring/summer. I was so excited!! For once, I was right on track with the trends!! Usually I just wear pretty basic, classic stuff and I would rather buy 1 or 2 timeless things than a whole bunch of trendy pieces. But it is nice every once and a while to know I'm not totally out of style...hehe.

Has anyone gotten their economic stimulus refund yet?? Sailor Boy got his today, but I haven't gotten mine. It's being directly deposited, so I've been checking my account a million times a day. I know I should probably save all of it, but I've had my eye on a few new j.crew purchases...and didn't Bush say he wanted us to SPEND it?? I hope it gets here this week!

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