Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wine Down Wednesdays

The restaurant in the hotel where I work has "Wine Down Wednesdays" where all bottles of wine are 50% off. I wish employees got to take advantage of that discount as a take out option. I'm in serious need of a few glasses tonight. Wedding season is here folks, and my life is officially booked solid for the next 6 months.

On a lighter note, some things I'm loving right now for summer:
I've become really anal about too much sun...this is perfect so I can still look tan without all the bad rays. Put it on at night and you wake up a shade or two darker.

These fun outdoor pillows from Pottery Barn for our new house and backyard. I love the crab and the lobster. Would look awesome with our new non-existant patio furniture! but hey, I can dream!!

Completely random, but I have been craving a hot dog from the grill for about two weeks now. There's something so tasty about it and it totally reminds me of summer...luckily my parents are having a cookout on Monday, so I think I will be able to finally get one!

I want a fun brightly colored scarf to serve a few purposes this summer. I like to tie my hair up with them when I'm at the beach or pool. I also use them as headbands in the summer when I just don't feel like doing my hair. I also usually just tie one on to my purse, as a cute accessory.
Hope everyone's Wednesday is better than mine...Happy Hump Day!


Barefoot in the Park said...

I have something to make your hump day happier!! I mailed off your swap package today! It should be to you by Friday (that is if the Post Office doesn't move too slowly from NC!)

Kate said...

I would kill for a hotdog right now! The hotdogs here are just not the same. Besides the weird color (sorry but they look like plastic), there isn't a bun-just a piece of white bread!

Those pillows are adorable!

Anonymous said...

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