Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is it the weekend yet??

I think every year I forget just how busy I am with work in May/June. It's really sort of insane. Not only am I dealing with my brides for this year, I'm trying to sell the hotel to prospective brides and answer questions from the 2009 brides who have already booked here. And there's only 1 of me. Last Friday, I had a wedding ceremony starting at 6pm and a bride who was getting married the next day here who wanted to start her rehearsal at 6pm. Hmmm. I can't be in both places at once. So I had to tell the Saturday evening bride...sorry, I won't be at your rehearsal if you want to do it at 6pm. If you do it at 5pm, I can be there and lead the whole thing. Well you would have thought I told her that her wedding was cancelled or something. But she got over it. (with alot of calming down from her fiance) It's just little things like that that seem to make my spring a little chaotic. Obviously I don't want to blow anyone off and I want to give all my brides equal attention.

We have another wedding this Friday (they really are getting more popular - at least in our case you can save some $$$ by having it Friday). I love this bride and groom, they are so fun. The colors are aqua, hot pink and white and it's so fresh and summery. She dropped off all her "stuff" to me and I've been looking through it...I love it all! She has super fun table numbers with old baby pictures of her and her fiance. Adorable fan programs with aqua ribbon. A totally cute and chic nautilus shell holder for her guestbook (aka wishing "shell" - a play on the wishing well thing). So I'm really looking forward to that wedding! Cross your fingers the weather holds out so they can get married on the outdoor terrace!

Another reason I'm so excited about Friday is that immediately after I leave work, Sailor Boy, Spencer, 2 other couples we are friends with and me are heading down to Sailor Boy's family house in the Northern Neck of Virginia. I am totally obsessed with the house and the whole area. It's a little 2 bedroom cottage right on the Potomac River and it really is the world's most relaxing place ever. There's not even a TV...we sit around the screen porch playing cards and chit chatting. The first time Sailor Boy took me down there I thought I had died and gone to heaven....I literally think I told him that I was ready to marry him at that point if we got to go down to the "river house" as much as possible. We do try and get down there a bunch, but of course, it's hard with my job and working every weekend. That's why I'm so excited about this's the first time I've been able to get down there all year! So imagine me here:

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Wila (aka Ali) said...

I'm so jealous of the river house! It looks amazing! I hope the weather stays nice for you...we just had a crazy storm here in the DC area!! Ali

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