Thursday, June 19, 2008

The End is Near...

for moving that is. We are almost all done, and I couldn't be more happy about that. Everytime I move, I always say "this is the last time I'm moving, I'm staying here forever". Yeah, that never happens. We've brought most of the boxes over to the new house, and Sailor Boy's brother is coming down on Saturday to help him move all the big furniture. So when I get home from work on Saturday, I'll be going to the new house, because that will be the first night we spend there. So excited!! I'm actually very proud of myself because on my day off on Monday, I moved ALOT of stuff, including 2 large bookshelves (it was quite a task by myself). Sailor Boy was impressed...but when I want to do something, I won't stop until it's done. I just want to get in the house and settled as fast as possible. So that means I'll have all day Sunday and Monday to unpack and get everything put away.

This may sound sort of bitchy/high maintenance, but I am a little worried about Sailor Boy and his brother doing all the main moving without me. Yes, I know I am a control freak and I'm also OCD about cleaning, and I think that's where my main issue lies. When I move, I like to thouroughly clean EVERYTHING so that it can get unpacked and you can start fresh. Well they are not going to do that obviously. If it was me, I'd be washing my sheets on Saturday while I was moving so that they could go on the bed clean for our first night there. Yeah, that's not going to happen. I'm thinking about having my friend K supervise some of this moving, but I don't want to see like a drill sargeant. The other funny thing is that I know Sailor Boy wants to move everything Saturday by himself, so I won't be there to freak out or tell him what to do.

It doesn't help that I have the busiest Saturday of my life at work because we have an extremely elaborate and high maintenance wedding here that day. I'm literally working from 7:30am to probably 10pm for this wedding. The mother of the bride is slightly crazy and she has some interesting ideas about the wedding. It will definitely be the most beautiful wedding we've had here since I've started, but that means I will be working my booty off. They have more set up than I've ever seen in my life!! Literally, she brought me 3 SUV's full of "stuff" (ie. favors, crystal candlesticks, escord cards, etc). Insanity. So that sort of adds to my stress level for this weekend. I don't want to get home from work after a super long day to find a house in shambles. Oh well.

In BFF wedding news, K got her dress!!! The bad part - she's keeping it a secret from ALL of us except for her mom (obviously, she helped her pick it out). It's basically being custom made, so there's not even a picture she could show us, and she won't even really describe it because she wants it to be a surprise. She did say that we could come with her to her fittings, so it's not like it will be a surprise for the actual wedding day...I would NOT be able to wait that long! I can't wait...I'm sure it's amazing!

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!!


Kate said...

I thought I'd say hi, I just came across your blog and thought it was fun. We share the OCD problem in common. Good luck with the move!

elle said...

Hi - I found your blog from reading other preppy blogs. Some advice from a married lady - let the biy do the move his way and tell him how great he did it - then quietly change it the way you like! Trust me. Cheers to your new house.


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