Friday, June 27, 2008


Longest Week Ever. Seriously. And I've only technically worked 4 days this week, since I never work on Mondays. Geez I thought it would never end. Between the house drama and the fact that I have 3 weddings at the hotel tomorrow, it's been a bit stressful But our house is now flea-free and wonderful. They sprayed the yard too, so that should eliminate a return of the suckers. We're going to continue with the moving this weekend and hopefully be living there full time by next weekend. We haven't brought Spencer over to the house since the flea incident, and it may be a while before I let her over there again...I just want to make sure they're gone before she starts rolling around in the backyard. I actually got the exterminators cell phone number and gave him a call last night - it's the OCD in me coming out. I needed to ask him my 38472636 questions to give myself the final peace of mind.

Tonight we're heading over to our friends L and C's house - they just bought a new townhouse, so we're grilling out there to celebrate. Hopefully the rain will hold off. Sunday we're heading to Ikea, Target and Home Depot to pick up some essentials for the new house. We need blinds for all the windows...the whole house is basically huge, very untraditional sized windows. So we're hoping Ikea will have something that may work because it's going to have to be semi-custom.

We will be insanely busy at work tomorrow, with 3 weddings here. I'm not too stressed though, they are all pretty low maintenance, which is always good. I REALLY like one of the brides - I could totally be friends with her. She's super fun and upbeat and adorable. Her wedding colors are red and chocolate brown, and I was sort of undecided about it when she first told me about it, but once I saw it all together, I really like it. She's doing a complete red and brown candy bar, which is really adorable. Plus, it's really easy to find candy in those too colors. I'll be sure to take some pictures of everything.

Happy Weekend!

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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