Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh J.Crew

Every time I try and resist your additional 20% off sale, you suck me in and force me to shop and buy super cute items for low prices. Even when i PROMISE myself I won't spend anymore money and it's not a good idea to buy more clothes when I'm trying to pack up all the stuff I currently have, you never let me. You put things like this on sale for $31.99:

Like I'm going to be able to say no. I mean, it's practically free. Plus, it was originally like $199, that's sort of a ridiculous mark down. I felt like it was my duty to buy it. Seriously. And then you finally convince me to order this belt I've had my eye on for weeks now:
Umm it really necessary to make this belt $15.99??? Now I'll be forced to hide the box from Sailor Boy and tuck everything away until after the move. As I'm unpacking you in the new house, I will have to convince him that I've had that stuff for years and he just doesn't remember it. Why do you do this to me?


La Petite Belle said...

wow, that's ONE drastic price change!

Kara said...

I got that sweater too! I couldn't pass it by either.

T.G. said...

Thanks for the J. Crew tips! I couldn't find the belt, unfortunately, but it gave me some inspiration. I hope you don't mind that I referenced this post on my blog,

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

i love, love this belt!!!!!! ciao~

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