Monday, June 9, 2008

One More Thing

So I'm posting for the 2nd time today because I totally forgot I ordered the most adorable dress this morning! It's actually from Target - but I have never bought anything online from Target before. So we'll see. I'm just totally obsessed with this dress!

Look at the detail on the hem! So cute. Cross your fingers that it fits. I guess if it doesn't, I can return it to the target store?? Hopefully!


Well I Do Declare said...

I LOVE that dress! I am getting it now :)

La Petite Belle said...

love it. but i wonder if it's too short for me... it looks kinda short. and ya know, after you're married with children there's a rule that bans you from coming 2 feet from dresses like that. *haha*

Kate said...

That is super cute! Hope they have it in the store when I get back :)

suburban prep said...

looks cute.
hope it works out for you.

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