Monday, June 9, 2008

And I'm back!

Unfortunately. I didn't really ever want to leave. We had a great, super relaxing time. I'll be posting pictures soon (probably tonight or tomorrow). All I did all weekend was read, nap, eat, swim, nap, eat and relax. perfection!

So what's up with the extreme heat? Like, someone flipped a switch and all the sudden, it's 100 degrees. Literally. I'm all for summer and everything, but I prefer not being drenched with sweat when I walk outside. Hopefully it will cool down a little bit soon!

Not sure if I ever posted that the navy JCrew bridesmaid's dresses for K's wedding came and they are amazing! The other best part about them is that they fit both of us almost perfectly. The only alteration we will need is to get the straps shortened a little bit. But that should be easy. They are really cute and I'm obsessed with the pockets! Now we're on the hunt for nude colored wedges that are not ankle straps. The ceremony is on grass, so we need wedges so we don't sink in. So my eyes are peeled.

We get the keys to our new house on Sunday! YAY! We won't really move anything in yet (mainly since we haven't started packing yet...oops!), but it will be nice to get into the house and figure out where we can put everything. Our lease isn't up until July 1st, so we have about 2 weeks to pack up and move over there...plenty of time!!! YIKES! Packing may need to get started TONIGHT! I keep walking by the new house to check on it and they are doing some cute upgrades! They painted the inside and outside, planted and weeded all the grass and flower beds, cleaned the gutters, fixed all the fencing, re-did the hardwood floors and installed new carpet in both bedrooms! YAY! So Excited!


Barefoot in the Park said...

hooray for a new house! i'm glad you got a little vacay in before the stress (granted excited stress) of moving!

Single in Vancouver said...

Hopefully the stress of packing will be minimal compared to the excitement of a new place!

Playful Professional said...

I'm with you on the heat. It's like it was this perfect spring weather and then all the sudden summer hits with a bang. I'm definitely not ready to be dripping with sweat as soon as I walk out the door.

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