Thursday, October 16, 2008

Project Runway

Anyone else addicted to this show?? I've been watching since the beginning and I LOVE it! I've even got Sailor Boy sucked into it, even though he would never admit it!
I thought last night's finale was good and I was happy with the outcome. I have liked LeAnne all season and I thought her final collection was amazing. All the pieces went very well was very cohesive. Here's the pieces I loved from each designer:

LeAnne -- Korto -- Kenley --
I loved Korto's color palate and the shapes of her short dresses. I sort of felt like they were almost preppy...I think it was all the kelly green and yellow! So fun! As much as Kenley annoyed me all season (that voice is seriously BAD!!), I did like most of her collection, especially the blue dress (the bridesmaids dress). Can't wait for the new season to start up!

Which looks were your favorites?


Lisa said...

I love that a good chunk of the collection is actually for real RTW (ready to wear) and not "couture".

just a girl... said...

I love your blog. I watched last night and was pleasantly surprised. Kenley had some cute pieces but here attitude didn't help at all.

Ashley said...

Kenley is a jerk.. I loved all of leanne's pieces!

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