Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Perfect Saturday

Here in MD, the weather is absolutely amazing - sunny, warm but not hot, very fall like. I was actually OFF work today (shocker - but I am working so we decided to go for a little day trip out to Western Maryland for a long hike and then pumpkin pickin'.We drove by this tree on our way down the mountain and it was so pretty we had to pull over and take a picture. Seriously, this was the perfect fall tree.This is an angle from standing under the tree. It had like every color in it. Amazing.The view from the top of our very long hike. One thing I did learn from hiking today - I am out of shape. Like whoa. My plan - join a gym on Monday!! hehe.My new favorite picture. Spencer had the best time ever. She loves hiking because there's so much for her to smell. Look at that puppy smile!!
Me and Spencer on our way back down the mountain. Down is just as hard as up!

Happy Saturday! Hope everyone got outside to enjoy this wonderful day!!


Join the Gossip said...

Those are amazing photos! I have never seen a real fall, I'm so deprived...especially since it's my fav season =( I live in So Cal and last week it was just under, at, or slightly above 100 degrees all week, gross! You're lucky!

Barefoot in the Park said...

ooo how beautiful! so glad you had a nice weekend!

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