Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I need a baby shower gift idea. I got invited to Sailor Boy's cousins wife's baby shower in a few weeks and I need a cute gift idea. I've already looked at her registry and I'm not that excited by it. This is actually one of the first baby showers I'm going to, so is it really rude not to buy anything off the registry? She's registered at Pottery Barn Kids and Babies R Us. I was excited about the Pottery Barn registry until I looked at it and realized there's just 3 things on it...her bedding set. I don't really feel comfortable buying her that, because I think it should come from a family member. I'm not a huge fan of Babies R Us at all. This is their first baby and they are having a boy. I've seen TONS of cute stuff on blogs recently for baby boys, but I'm having brain freeze now! They aren't telling anyone the name, so anything monogrammed is out...unfortunately!! I could find tons of cute monogrammed options. I think I want to get her some baby clothes and maybe one fun useful baby item...and I want it all to be really cute and preppy, as she is very preppy herself. Any suggestions on online stores or anywhere I can find really adorable baby stuff would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!


Prissy Southern Prep said...

Anything monogrammed is really person and cute. (bibs, burp cloths, blankies, diaper bags) or a combination of all of the above!

When I had my little boy, a favorite gift that I received (but also registered for) are the soft blankies from PB and a lady monogrammed them for me.

Good Luck,

LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

get a diaper tower, or a receiving blanket tower, or get some really cute with just the last letter of the name monogramed on it, thats always safe...

Lisa said...

I go to Mandy at Swagger Gifts for all gifts - the best thing about her baby selection is that most gifts pull double duty as preppy AND purposeful :-)

Swagger: Occassion - new baby

Swagger: Recipieint - new baby


MMM said...

I would say go with the baby registry. My shower is next weekend and I know that is what I prefer. Babies R US stuff is not glamorous, but we REALLY need it! Also with the registry we can return it if we get duplicates. A cute outfit is also always appreciated...go with a bigger size because we get so much 0-3 stuff. If you want some other ideas go to my blog and I have a whole label under my achieves dedicated to baby gifts!

On another note, be sure to check out my blog today. There is a surprise there for you. =)

Sisters with Style said...

After having 3 children I have to admit that the best gifts I received were the monogrammed ones. Little Giraffe has really adorable lovies that you can get monogrammed.

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