Monday, February 2, 2009

Stimulating the Economy

We were huge nerds and did our taxes on Friday night. We use Turbo Tax, which is SO easy and "free" ($20.95 to actually file online, which is totally cool with me). My taxes took about 20 minutes and Jake's took about 35 minutes because he had his 401K stuff to factor in. This is probably the last year our taxes will be so easy since we're getting married and probably buying a house this year. And we were both lucky enough to each get a fair amount of money back this year! YAY! While most of that money is going into a honeymoon fund, I did decided that I needed to "stimulate the economy" and purchase a few new fun things for myself.
The Boat Canyon clutch from Halsea in Bonfire Brown and the Steve Madden Bonanza boots in dark gray. Totally obsessed with both and I can't wait until they get here!!


The Pink Tutu said...

Love both items, too cute!

Seaside Prep said...

ooo! congrats on the money back and getting the taxes done!

Lisa said...

Nice picks! PS - The house thing should complicate things too much... if nothing else other than give you some more deductions :-)

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