Thursday, February 19, 2009


The Pink Julep tagged me to list my favorite things that start with the letter "K"!

Well obviously I'm partial to K because it's my initial! When I started thinking about K though, I realized it's sort of a hard letter to think of words and things that I love. But here goes...


I love getting kisses from Jake and I love wet slobbery puppy kisses from Spencer!

I took a knitting class a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since! It's very relaxing, especially in the winter. Unfortunately, I haven't really progressed past just making scarves...hopefully one day I'll be able to make a hat or blanket!

Kilwin's Toasted Coconut Ice CreamKilwin's is a small chocolate and candy shop in Annapolis (it is a chain, so there are other locations) and their ice cream is seriously to die for. Especially the toasted coconut...OMG! It tastes like a samoa girl scout cookie! Yes, it's $8/pint, but totally worth it!!!

The Knot

I love this wedding can find tons of good information and pictures to use for inspiration! yay wedding planning!

Kilmarnock, VA
This is the teeny tiny house where Jake's parents have their vacation home on the Potomac River. I absolutely love going down there, it's the most relaxing place on earth!

Yay for the letter K!

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Flamingos & Flip Flops said...

I NEED to try that ice cream! I LOVE toasted coconut! Is it on Main Street?

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