Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Change of Plans

So we've changed our honeymoon destination. Yes, we're indecisive. It's really mainly me, since Jake is very easy going and told me he would be happy going anywhere. The more we looked and explored the Costa Rica trip, I realized it was getting a little bit "adventerous" for me. Too much traveling, driving, exploring, etc. I literally just want to park my butt in a lounge chair by the beach all day, every day. And I want it to be a white sand beach, with crystal clear water and a slight breeze. Not that I'm picky or anything...

That led us to explore a few other options. Obviously hurricane season is a factor for us, so we decided on ARUBA!

I am SUPER excited! Aruba is located far enough south (literally it's off the coast of Venezuela) that it never gets hit by a hurricane and the weather is usually perfect pretty much every day. Quite a change from tramping through the rainforests in Costa Rica, but I really think this is more what our honeymoon should be...totally relaxation and luxury. I think Jake was slightly bummed because he was looking forward to Costa Rica, but we've decided it's a good 1 year anniversary trip.

Again, we are using my super fabulous work connections and staying at a wonderful hotel (upgraded to a waterfront suite!) for really cheap. Right on the beach, huge pool with swim up bar and close enough to walk around a small town for shopping and restaurants. Plus I think Aruba has enough options to keep Jake entertained...we can do a jeep tour to the rocky side of the island, he can go fishing one day and we can eat at new fun places every night. My only requirement for our honeymoon is that I want room service breakfast in bed every day. I plan on being a major beach bum all week!

(this will be where I spend my days on the trip)

We're not doing the all-inclusive thing, which I think is good because we really do like to get out and explore new restaurants. They have several amazing looking restaurants there, right out on docks over the ocean and super romantic!

Anyone have any reviews or information they want to share about Aruba? Restaurants, activities, cool things we should see while we are there? And can I just leave for the honeymoon right now???


QueenBeeSwain said...

sounds and looks like a little slice of heaven!


Morgan said...

Aruba sounds great! We are still undecided on our honeymoon!

The Pink Tutu said...

This looks amazing and I know you will have a fabulous time!! I so wish I could have seen you and C this weekend. It's too bad I was on the opposite side of Florida in Sarasota. Yes! Come back again!! :)

Kate said...

How fun! I can't wait to hear all the details :)

The Dunaway's said...

That is where my brother and his fiance' are going on their honeymoon in July! I hadn't looked at any pictures until just now and now I'm totally jealous of both of you! LOL

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