Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back to the Cold...

Can I just say when I stepped off the plane yesterday morning, I about had a heart attack from the frigid air and horrible winds. Ugh! But Florida was seriously FABULOUS! I had the best time...and the weather was seriously perfect! Low 80's every day, nice breeze, full sunshine. We had a beach day Saturday and then walked around cute Delray Beach and did some shopping and had lunch outside on Sunday. It was SO great to see my friend C and catch up! I miss her so much...I'm so excited to have her up in MD for our wedding weekend! And she tried on her bridesmaids dress and it fits perfectly! So no alterations...yay!

This Sunday I'm co-hosting a bridal shower for my BFF K. It has REALLY snuck up on us, so we're going to be super busy this week! It's a huge shower (50 guests), so I'm a little nervous that we won't have enough food or people won't have fun, but I guess it will all work out. We're doing a pink and brown theme with polka dots and so far everything is coming together so cute! We're doing pink paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling:

Pink "K" cookies for the favors, in little bags tied with pink ribbon (sort of like these...only we are making them, so I doubt they will come out this good!):

We are serving fun pink lemonade with champagne...bubbly and sweet:

I'm also going to attempt to make a chocolate covered strawberry "tree"...I saw Paula Deen make one and I've been obsessed with this idea ever since! Hopefully I can get mine to look as cute as hers!

I'll be sure to post all the fun pictures after the shower! It should be quite an event!

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Wila (aka Ali) said...

Welcome back to the Arctic! Glad you had a great warm vacay! The shower looks delightful...I can't wait to try and make your pink lemonade bubbly drink! Yum!

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