Thursday, July 31, 2008

Weekend Recap

I have been such a slacker about blogging...i mean, I'm doing my recap from last weekend on THURSDAY NIGHT. ooops. but work has been crazy and we've had multiple weddings on the weekends, so I have been really busy.

We went to my friends S and M's wedding last friday and it was freaking fabulous!!! I had SUCH a good time and I saw some friends I haven't seen in forever (like years!). I got to sit next to my wonderful friend G at the wedding, who lives in Philly and it was great to see him. He's moving to Amsterdam for grad school next month, so it may be a while until I see him again.

I was debating posting pics on my blog because it's always been sort of a privacy thing, but I have some really good pics from the wedding, so you know what...I'm posting them!!!Here's me and Sailor Boy, right at the beginning of the reception. Mainly I am just obsessed with my green shoes, from my previous post, and let me just say, they were a big hit!! Super comfortable and I got tons of compliments on them. They may be my new fave shoes!!!

Me and my BFF K. She's the one getting married next spring. Her dress was amazing!! I may or may not be borrowing it in the near future.

Sailor Boy and I dancing...this was towards the end of the night because Sailor Boy does NOT dance unless several cocktails have been consumed. Yes, we suck at dancing.

Probably my favorite picture of the night. My friend G and I decide to get in on the anniversary dance and we decided we had been "married" for 5 years. I've known him since we were 9 years old, so we practically are married!

In other awesome news...COMCAST WAS INSTALLED IN OUR HOUSE!!!! They finally came and we can now spend our free time vegging in front of the tv and emailing! It's so great to be connected again. So yes, I am blogging from home right now, on the couch, and it's wonderful! It makes me ALMOST take back the mean things I said to Comcast a few weeks ago...almost!!

And while I have been SUPER busy with work and life, I haven't been too busy to do some online shopping. I'm really pissed at J.Crew because everything I WANT to buy is all sold out. I finally managed to snag this beauty a few days ago:
On sale for $109. Plus I got free shipping (the code is SCHOOL for orders over $100). I LOVE the purple and I've been lusting after the dress for a while now.I also ordered this adorable door mat for our house. I've been looking for one for a while and I'm obsessed with this one!! Obviously living in MD, the crab is perfect and it's a little bit nautical which is always cute. I actually ordered it from Bed Bath and Beyond for $19.99!! Love!

That's about it...I'm going to get better about posting regularly!!! Promise!!


Single in Vancouver said...

Love the dress and those green shoes!!

Polos & Pearls said...

i am also getting sick of j crew not removing the sold out items. super cute dress and shoes for the wedding... great pics!

tickledpink said...

I love your black dress and the adorable green shoes! Too cute!

Barefoot in the Park said...

love the shoes!!!

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