Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Satisfied Customer

Looks like my rant below did pay off!! Not only did someone leave me that comment below, but I had THREE different voicemails from customer service reps at Comcast apologizing and offering to help. I called the first one back (a very nice guy named Andrew) and he was wonderful. He apologized for my lack of service and offered me a FABULOUS deal on cable at a great rate (we're getting all the premium channels for free!), FREE INSTALLATION (since my house has to be hardwired) and they are going to hook up 3 different outlets so we can have 3 tv's in the house at no extra charge. Now that is what I call customer service! They are coming next Monday and he promised that they would be on time. He even gave me his DIRECT LINE to call him if I have any problems. Wow! Love it - I don't have to wait on hold everytime I call.

So now Sailor Boy feels like a chump (his words) because he sees that sometimes, unfortunately, you have to be a little rude/forceful/downright bitchy if you want to get your way. He actually apologized and said he was proud of me and excited that we're getting such a good deal. I'll report back after Monday (from my HOME computer since it will be hooked up!! hehe) on if they did a good job and showed up on time, etc.

In other news - I had a HAIR EMERGENCY!! OH MY! We have well water at the new house, which I was super scared about (because growing up with a well, my blonde hair turned orange on occasion). Well I do my own color (and I do a fabulous job if I do say so myself - plus it's so much cheaper than a salon). I go to touch up my roots yesterday evening. Everything is fine and dandy until I look at my hair after I rinse it out....IT'S GREY/GREEN!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Luckily it's really only the parts of my hair that were super blonde (they like rejected the dye), so the underneath and back parts look normal. But the front (where I have all my highlights) are HORRIBLE!! So I called my salon and BEGGED for an emergency appointment to get it fixed. She should just be able to neutralize it and then highlight it, hopefully!! I got tomorrow at 5pm. WISH ME LUCK!! I have a HUGE wedding to attend on Friday night, so I need it fixed ASAP!!! AHHHHH!!


Kara said...

That comment from comcast is crazy. I wonder how they found your blog. Good luck with your hair!

Kate said...

I can't believe comcast left a comment like that! Mabey their use to unsatisfied customers ranting about them on their blogs? haha who knows... anyways hope your hair gets back to normal.

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