Friday, July 18, 2008

Ladies Night!

First off, Polo and Pearls, can I have an invite to read your blog? My email is Thanks!!

Second, yay for Friday! This is a super exciting Friday because I DO NOT HAVE TO WORK TOMORROW!! That's right - a whole weekend OFF! Sort of a sad reason though...the wedding that was scheduled for tomorrow at the hotel got called off a few months ago because the bride found out that the groom was cheating on her....oops! And this is after they had put like $14,000 down (non-refundable) and had started picking their menu and finalizing everything. So I do feel bad for the poor girl, but her loss is my weekend relaxation! My weekend on the house, wait for the cable guy to come install our internet and tv and go to the pool!

I'm also trying my hand at gardening (hopefully I have a green thumb) and I'm going to weed, plant and mulch our front garden. I have been looking at different plants and there's actually some cute things that grow in 100% shade. I was worried I wouldn't be able to find any nice flowers to plant since our house gets like zero sun. I really want to get a hydrangea bush to put right underneath of our bedroom window, but I need to do more research on if they need alot of sun.

Sailor Boy (and his great timing) tells me last week that he's actually sailing in a regatta all weekend...great, since I'm actually not working! He leaves tonight and gets back Sunday. So I'm throwing a ladies night tonight with some friends. No one has really been over to the new house yet, so it will be nice to show it to them and sit outside with some wine and snacks! I'm actually a little nervous about sleeping alone at the house because it's SO quiet and SO secluded, but I think I'll be ok.

I LOVE our neighborhood...everyone is so friendly and there's a great little neighborhood beach within walking distance. We walk Spencer there every morning and it's always nice to start your day by looking at the beautiful Chesapeake Bay! I could definitely live in this neighborhood for a long time! (of course, it would be nice to actually buy a house there, but that may take a few more years)

To finish out a lovely Friday, J.Crew has now added an additional 30% sale to their final sale...I already have a shopping cart full of stuff that I should probably delete! But I will most likely be hitting "check out" soon!

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