Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gearing up for the holiday

Today on my lunch break, I walked up to my one of my favorite stores in town, Star Monograms. It's relatively new, and I'm totally in love with everything they have. I needed to buy a baby gift for my friend from college, S, who had a baby boy in April. I'm a little late with sending a gift, but hey, it's the thought that counts. I knew I could find something absolutely adorable there, and I was not disappointed:I got the blue seersucker frame, with the navy band at the top, monogrammed with the baby's initials, MJM. Love it! His mom, my friend S, is a super talented photographer and she's taken some amazing shots of him so far, so I figured that would be a cute frame to display one in his nursery. Now I just need to pick up a cute, preppy little outfit to complete the gift and mail it down to Williamsburg to him.

What is everyone up to for the July 4th holiday? It's actually one of my favorite holidays (behind New Years Eve and Halloween), but this year, I'm not super excited about it because we have a wedding here, so I'll be working all day and all night. The view from our terrace at the hotel is the perfect place to watch the fireworks, and since it's on a Friday this year, it was not hard at all for me to sell the space for a wedding. Who can turn down free fireworks for their wedding? But it sort of sucks for me, since I now have to work and be there all night, because the bride is doing a sparkler exit at 11pm and I have to "oversee" everything to make sure they don't catch the hotel on fire. I am a fan of sparkler exits, but I always get nervous about giving a big group of drunk people fire to play with. Hopefully we don't have any incidents.

I think Sunday Sailor Boy and I are going to hit up the farmers market and get coffee at our favorite place. (our typically Sunday morning routine). We also have my BFF K's engagement party Sunday night at her parents house. I'm super excited about it - they are getting it catered by the same people who may cater the wedding...sort of as a trial run. I need to find a good dessert to bring to the party. Any recipes are welcome!

I'm actually off Monday AND Tuesday next week to make up for working the holiday, so that's pretty fun. I DESPERATELY need to clean out my closet and donate old clothes to Goodwill. I have been such a slacker, since I've been telling myself I need to do this for the past month. But Monday, I am actually going to do it! I hate parting with clothes, but there's definitely stuff in there with the tags still on.

Happy July 4th to everyone. Enjoy the holiday with your friends and family!!


suburban prep said...

Hope you had a good 4th. Those are adorable frames.

La Petite Belle said...

love the frames! hope your 4th was super!

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