Friday, July 11, 2008

Lazy Friday Post

So I don't have too much exciting to talk about, so I'm being lazy and doing a meme. No one tagged me, I just feel like it!

A. Attached or Single? Attached
B. Best Friend? I have a couple, my bff C down in Florida and my bff K who lives across the street from me!
C. Cake or pie? To me, a requirement to make something a dessert is that it has chocolate in it. Therefore, I'm not a huge pie eater. So I'm going with chocolate cake!
D. Day of choice? Sunday...because it's like my Saturday since I'm off on Mondays. Plus, it's the only day of the week I get to spend with Sailor Boy and we always try and do something super fun.
E. Essential item? Chap Stick. I always have at least 3 with me and I keep one next to my bed. I only like the Chap Stick brand in the royal blue tube. Yes, I'm a freak.
F. Favorite color? Pink and Green, obviously. I am quite partial to yellow though. The bright lemony yellow.
G. Gummy bears or worms? Bears - but only the red ones
H. Home town? Annapolis, MD
I. Favorite indulgence? Ice Cream...I make sure I eat some every day!
J. January or July? July - I hate winter
K. Kids? One day, I'd like a few. I would potentially like 4 (2 boys and 2 girls), but we'll see how that pans out once I start having them.
L. Life isn’t complete without? Family, Friends and shopping. :-)
M. Marriage date? Not married. Sailor Boy and I started dating on October 30, 2005. Does that count?
N. Number of brothers and sisters? I'm an only child!
O. Oranges or Apples? Apples - Green Granny Smiths
P. Phobias? oooh geez. I'm deathly afraid of midgets and clowns. I will seriously have a panic attack. It's really bad and I do want to overcome it.
Q. Quotes? ehhh don't really have one
R. Reasons to smile? We're FINALLY moving into the new house TOMORROW! YAY!
S. Season of choice? Summer. I am a fan of spring and fall too. Mainly I just really hate winter
T. Tag 5 people: I tag Le Petite Blog, More More More, Barefoot in the Park, I do declare and Pink, Green and Southern.
U. Unknown fact about me? I had braces for 8 years. I got them on at the end of 2nd grade (yes, that's correct) and didn't get them off until the end of sophmore year of high school. So I was quite the braceface. Because of this, I'm obsessed with wearing my retainer to maintain my perfect teeth. I wear it at least 5 nights a week - which Sailor Boy LOVES! haha
V. Vegetable? Carrots, Tomatoes, Corn, Peppers, Green Beans
W. Worst habit? Picking at my's really bad!
X. X-ray or Ultrasound? I've actually had both. I've broken quite a few bones playing sports growing up.
Y. Your favorite food? hmmm...i LOVE food, so this is tough. I really like sushi, anything mexican and a nice big fresh salad in the summer.
Z. Zodiac sign? Scorpio - and I am DEFINITELY a scorpio!
(Another) Z. Which zoo animal is your favorite? Probably the elephants

Happy Weekend Everyone!


Kerry said...

hi!I just saw you tagged me! I'll get on it!!! thanks! I don't think I have ever done this meme so it'll be fun!

Kerry said...

wait... did I know your home town was Annapolis???

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