Wednesday, July 2, 2008


So something fishy is going on with me and J.Crew. Yes, they got a new website (which I am a BIG fan of!) and it's super slow and everything. Sidenote - I really appreciate the free shipping they are offering to offset the slow website. That's not the fishy part. I've been super stressed at work, so I decided to check the final sale today to see what I could buy as a pick me up for working so hard (gotta reward yourself I always say!). Well it won't let me order ANYTHING. Everything I click on comes up as sold out. Is this a conspiracy?? Has Sailor Boy found a way to block J.Crew out of my life?? How can I take advantage of free shipping if I'm not able to buy anything?? Is anyone else having this problem? There's some things on sale right now that I just can't live without. So I need this problem fixed immediately, thanks J.Crew!

1 comment:

Kate said...

I wouldn't believe it. Everything I want comes up as: "now $null"

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