Saturday, August 2, 2008


So Wednesday, I braved the craziness that is the J.Crew website and ordered this dress:
Put in all my information, credit card, free shipping code and press submit. I get the pop screen thanking me for my order. Well I still haven't gotten an email from J.Crew verifying my order. I also can't see the order under my account information. Does that mean I didn't order it? Is the website that screwed up that it didn't really go through?? I don't want to re-order it if the order really did go through. I guess I will just have to call them and check. GRRRR J.Crew...

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Ashley said...

Hey.. I just found your blog randomly. I'm 26, I live in Annapolis, and i'm a lil OCD too. I'll have to keep reading.

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