Wednesday, August 27, 2008

J.Crew, you have redeemed yourself

So I was online shopping this morning before work (which I do pretty regularly...oops) and I noticed that a dress that I've been obsessed with for MONTHS is now on sale and they actually have my size. I had been stalking this dress for quite awhile, but unfortunately, they never seemed to have my size in ANY colors. But today they had it in 3 colors!!! So I quickly snatched up this dress, in the color "sweet papaya":
Since J.Crew has been so touch and go recently, I knew I had to act quickly. I'm super happy and I proceed to get ready for work. As I'm driving to work, I start to doubt my color choice. I'm worried that the papaya color may be un-flattering as it may show every flaw and it might even be a little thin/see through up top (which would be super un-ladylike, if you know what I mean). So I decide that the "classic navy" may be a better choice:
As soon as I get into work this morning, I check the website to see if I still have time to make edits to the order. Unfortunately, my 20 minute window is up. So I call J.Crew and cross my fingers that they will let me change colors...I'm a little nervous since it's final sale and there's no returns.

I speak to a nice guy named Jason and I explain that I just wanted to see if I could switch colors. He tells me that the order has already gone through and that the timeframe to make changes to the order is expired. BUT he says he can go ahead and order the dress for me in the Navy color and then allow me to return the papaya one when I get it...AMAZING!! I was so happy since it's technically final sale! AND he didn't charge me for shipping on the Navy dress since I already paid it for the papaya dress!! So I'm getting BOTH dresses later this week and if I absolutely LOVE them both, I can keep them both, but I can also return the papaya one if I feel like it's a little thin. Does anyone have this dress or has seen it in person? I just think it will be perfect to throw on to run errands or hang out in. I can't wait till I get them!!!


Kristy said...

Love those! Especially the navy!

LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

i have the dress in papaya, i wore it at my 21st! its great, i looove it!

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