Sunday, August 3, 2008


This morning, we slept in (well, 8:30, which is sleeping in for us) and finally Sailor Boy forced himself out of bed to take Spencer out when she started whining. While he was walking her, I went to the bathroom. I didn't put my glasses on and I obviously didn't have my contacts in yet. I lift the toilet lid and find this:

That's right - there's a HUGE mouse IN THE TOILET. Being blind without my contacts in, I assume it's dead, since I can't really see too much. It was actually a good thing I hadn't put my glasses on, because I would have been much more traumatized if I could really see it. So I scream, shut the lid and sit on the couch freaking out until Sailor Boy and Spencer return home. Well Sailor Boy and I had some cocktails last night and he was feeling a bit rough this morning. He walks in and here's our conversation:

Me: Umm you need to go look in the toilet right now
Him: No way
Me: Yes, you HAVE to...we have a problem
Him: No way, not gonna do it
Me: You are the man in this relationship...DO IT
Him: WAAAAA....fine

So he goes in, lifts the lid, promptly shuts the lid and then shudders. IT WAS ALIVE!!!!! I couldn't make it out in my blindness, but that sucker was alive and practically swimming around in there. Well I thought it would be easy - flush the toilet, flush the mouse. So we flush. No dice, he's still in there. We flush again, and again. Apparently he's flush proof.

Sailor Boy had to fish him out of the toilet with a little net, put him in a bucket and then "dispose" of him in the backyard. It was totally disgusting and horrible...I think we're both freaked out by it!

What a wonderful start to our Sunday!!


tickledpink said...

That is hilarious, but oh so gross! Glad you didn't have your glasses or contacts in because I know that would have freaked you out! Glad the mouse is gone!

Well I Do Declare said...

That story gave me the creeps! If that ever happens to me, the neighbors will no doubt here me scream!

More, More, More said...

oh so gross is right - I hate mice!! Luckily it was stuck in there and couldn't get out! Remember where there is one mouse there are others - get your traps out!

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