Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Pregnancy Musings...

1. Yesterday at the gym, I realized I need to invest in some maternity work out pants. My regular pants are no longer cutting it and giving me a weird bump because they are tight in the waist, which is not cute when you are sweating on the elliptical and already a bit self-conscious about having this new body. I'm thinking about checking out Target and Old Navy - any other recommendations?

2. I used the baby as an "excuse" to convince J to get Dunkin Donuts for breakfast this morning. And then I may have eaten 2.5 chocolate glazed donuts, plus a large caramel flavored decaf coffee. But I plan on putting on my too-tight workout pants and hitting up the gym later today, so that makes it ok, right?

3. I think baby boy is growing at a rapid rate, because this week, my back and sciatic nerve have been in serious pain. Doing yoga has helped, but I'm definitely uncomfortable and still not sleeping very good. Little man is hanging out low, low, low because I'm only feeling kicks on my bladder and underneath my belly button. I know he'll move up in the next few weeks, but I think I'd rather have him on my bladder than in my ribs, so I'm happy where he is for now.

4. I'm anxious to start the nursery and I'm in major nesting mode. I literally woke up one morning and was overwhelmed with everything we need to do. We have to relocate my office, sell our guest room furniture and clean out the closets in the nursery before we can start the fun decorating. My nursery Pinterest board has like 100 pins but I'm starting to narrow down my ideas for the room. We are keeping the walls the green that we painted when we moved in, but I want to do a fun bold accent wall where the crib will go. I want to do navy as the main color, with a few pops of fun yellow.

5. My favorite black Patagonia fleece no longer zips up over my bump. This sort of depresses me and sort of makes me laugh. This past week, I've noticed the comments from strangers have increased, as well as 2 unsolicited bump touches (ahhhhh so weird and creepy!!). As much as I like to rock the bump, I'm sort of happy that it's winter and I can still cover it with my winter coat to limit the comments and touches.

6. I love how now that I'm pregnant, J.Crew has been doing crazy ridiculous sales. All their Factory stuff is 60% off this week and I was sort of bummed to look at everything that I don't currently fit into. Then I realized I can still shop for accessories, shoes and CARDIGANS!! So I may or may not have placed an order this morning for a couple of pregnancy friendly items.


Always Organizing said...

Hey there! I'm with you on the nesting. We just picked a lovely shade of green for the nursery and can't wait for it to be painted. We registered last week and I feel a lot better just getting that done.


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