Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes - Best and Worst Dressed!

I love awards season! And the Golden Globes may be my favorite awards show, I love how laid back and fun it is! Most of the stars did not disappoint last night, so I thought I would share some of my favorites. And then get to some who I thought missed the mark.

Favorites:Jessica Alba - I thought she was seriously glowing! Her skin looked amazing and I loved this lavender dress. I can't believe she had a baby 5 months ago. I may tape this picture to my fridge as motivation after I have the baby in May!Charlize Theron - Loved this, even though I do think it's very similar to other dresses she's worn before. I LOVED her headband, probably my favorite part of her entire look!
Claire Danes - Loved the black and white! The back was to die for as well. Simple and elegant!
Dianna Agron - I thought this was very different, but I still loved it. The cutouts up top were really pretty and I loved all the layers/ruffles at the bottom. Her hair was also one of my favorites. Emma Stone - I liked the two-tone and I thought the belt was actually pretty cool. Loved the beaded cap sleeves. She definitely could pull off a look like this. The only thing I don't like is that her shoes look sort of chunky for such a delicate dress.Paula Patton - Yellow!! This color looked amazing on her with her dark hair and it was so bright and cheerful. It's a color that not everyone could pull off, but I thought it looked amazing on her!Reese Witherspoon - I loved how relaxed and happy she looked! It was different from her normal very polished looks and I liked it! Her hair is great and the red looked so good on her!

Now, my LEAST favorites:
Jessica Biel - YUCK. It was a sloppy mess...her dress AND hair looked blah. You'd think for someone who just got engaged to Justin Timberlake, she'd want to look really good. It reminds me of an old lady's nightgown.
Natalie Portman - I love Natalie, but I did not love this dress. It was too frumpy and didn't show off how cute and tiny she is. I hated the folded down part at the top - it reminded me of a 90's prom dress!Lea Michele - I was not a fan of this and I think it looks too old for her. The top reminds me of a ice skaters outfit.

Who did you think was best and worst dressed?


MCW said...

I didn't like Angelina Joile. She looked like an alien. Maybe she just needs to put on 10 lbs.

Reese does look so happy!

KatiePerk said...

I agree with your statements. Madonna's top of dress was awful in my opinion.

The 90's prom dress was spot on for Natalie Portman. Eek. I saw that same dress in Seventeen I am fairly certain.

gadabout said...

haha it does look an ice skater's costume!! too funny! also, congratulations on your wonderful news!! I have been following your blog long for the longest time and just love to see something great happening for you :)

LuvRedandWhite said...

I complete agree with your comments. The only reason I could think of why Natalie wore that dress was that she isn't happy with her post-baby body???

Baju Muslim said...

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Anonymous said...

Lea is beautiful, and so was the dress. Stfu

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