Thursday, January 19, 2012

Summer in January

So I realize that it's January and it's about 30 degrees outside, but I saw this at the grocery store earlier this week and had to get it:
Dole's Endless Summer Salad Kit. I'll be honest, I'm not really sure what makes this a "summery" salad. It has a "Summer" Vinaigrette, shredded Swiss and Gruyere Cheeses, Roasted Sunflower Seeds, Croutons and Pepper and Herb Seasoning. But it was AMAZING! I'm sort of a salad snob and I thought that the lettuces that came with the salad were sort of gross (I hate iceburg), so I actually bought a second bag of salad with romaine and other greens and used that instead of the lettuce that came with it.

But all the add-in's were delicious! I think my favorite was the Pepper and Herb Seasoning - it really gave the salad a lot of flavor. I'm allergic to nuts, so I was happy to have the sunflower seeds to give it crunch. I seriously could have eaten the entire bag myself (but I did share with J!)

If you see it at your grocery store, definitely try it! It may be my new favorite salad!


Baju Muslim said...

I like your story, ok, i’ll bookmark this site and return here in next few days.

Melissa said...

I am in love with this salad. I wish i could replicate the seasoning. Any ideas?

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