Monday, January 2, 2012

It's a Boy - Old Wives Tales

So we found out Baby E was a boy on the 23rd, just in time to tell our families on Christmas - it was a very fun Christmas reveal! I baked chocolate chip cookies with blue M&M's in them and put them in 2 tins for both our mom's to open on Christmas and they all loved it!

The funniest part of the baby being a boy is that J was convinced that it was a girl. He was calling my belly "she" and was constantly talking about baby girls. I really didn't have any mother's intuition either way and honestly had no idea until we got the money shot on the sonogram. When the tech pointed out his little man parts, J's mouth fell open and he literally did not say a word for the entire scan. I was hysterically laughing because he was just so in shock. Of course, now he's obsessed with the fact that he's going to have a little mini-me to take fishing and camping!

Anyways, only a few of the "old wives tales" were accurate for me in predicting that the baby was a boy.
  • If you prefer sleeping on your left side, you'll have a boy. Right side? A girl. Umm I preferred (and still do) to sleep on my back. And I know it's bad, I have slowly been forcing myself to sleep on my side now that I'm so far along. I don't really have a side preference, I honestly just hate sleeping on my side at all.
  • Extreme nausea means you are having a girl. This was wrong for me - I had extreme nausea all day from 6 weeks until about 14 weeks. I threw up a few times a week, but mainly it was just feeling like crap and not being able to eat anything. Yuck.
  • If you're craving citrus, you're having a girl. This was wrong too - I eat so many grapefruits and clementines, it's not even funny. I also was chugging OJ in the 1st trimester like it was my job.
  • If your skin breaks out, expect a girl. Considering I look like a 13 year old, this was not correct for me. My skin is awful and nothing helps. Luckily it's all on my chin/jaw line so it's not super noticeable, but I still am not a fan, as I normally have very clear skin. I have no "pregnancy glow" at all. It sucks!
  • If you feel graceful during pregnancy, you'll have a girl. Clumsy? It's a boy. Umm well I'm always clumsy, so I'm not sure if this works for me or not. I am still very clumsy, so I guess it was right.
  • If you gain weight in your face, it means you're having a girl. I guess this was right for me - so far I haven't gained any weight except for in my belly. Let's hope it stays that way!!
  • Craving salt? Expect a boy. A little something sweet? You're having a girl. This was right for me - my sweet tooth that I normally have is pretty much non-existant. But give me olives, pickles or salt and vinegar chips and I'm in heaven!
  • If baby is low, expect a boy. High, it's a girl. This kid is super low, so this was correct. At our last ultrasound, the tech goes "wow, he is right on your bladder" - yeah, I already knew that from the constant kicks he gives me, which are always fun when you are peeing 150 times a day anyway!
  • If you're carrying in front, it's a boy. All around your middle? A girl. I'm definitely carrying all in front, so this is correct. I hope this continues, you really can't tell I'm pregnant from the back.
  • If the baby's heart rate is over 140 beats per minute, then you are having a girl. If the baby's heart rate is under 140 beats per minute, you are having a boy. This was not right for me - apparently our boy has a super high heart rate. It's normally right around 160. My mother in law told me that J's heart rate was super high when she was pregnant with him, so I guess he's already taking after his dad!
  • The Chinese Gender Chart - this was also WRONG for me, which I find very interesting because it's been right for all my friends who have babies and I consider it to be pretty accurate haha. It definitely said girl and there is no doubt this baby is all boy!
For those of you with kids, were the old wives tales right for you?


Ally said...

Fun! THanks for sharing this!

Sherrie said...

Congrats! Boys are the best. I should know, I have three of them. :)

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Hooray for you!! Little boys are so fun--I loved reading all these wives tales too!

Always Organizing said...

LOL. I was totally convinced I was having a girl until the week before the ultrasound where we found out. Then all I could picture was carrying a baby boy around.

The Chinese gender chart was wrong for me too ;)

EmilyB said...

Congratulations!!! So excited for you! Little boys are just the best, but of course I'm biased. For me, the Chinese gender chart was correct -- but most of the others weren't.

***Positively Preppy in Pink*** said...

UM - Just catching up on my blog reading and JUST SAW YOU ARE PREGNANT!!! Congrats!!! I am SO SUPER excited for you!!!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Interesting. I will say this, even a money shot can be wrong. I know several girls who were definitely boys- ha. And they are all prissy sweet girls.

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