Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'm in search of a good multi-vitamin to take every day. I currently am just taking a Vitamin D supplement at the recommendation of my dad (who's a family physician) because of the recent findings on how Vitamin D helps protect the body from like every type of cancer. It's not that I don't eat well, because I do try and get my 5 servings of veggies a day, but I think adding a multi-vitamin will help to make sure I'm getting all my nutrients, especially on those off days when I just feel like eating crap. Does anyone have any good suggestions? The vitamin aisle at the drug store overwhelms me!! I have no idea where to any advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated!

Also, Loves Pink and Pearls, can I have an invite to read your blog?? My email is! Thanks!!


Lisa said...

Oooh - good question. Be sure to do a follow up post if you try out and suggestions and find a keeper!

Anonymous said...

There's bunches of good info about multi-vitals here... It doesn't endorse any specific brands, but I've found that it is rather helpful to at least get one's head around all the possibilities.

all the best,

i adore your stripes!

The Pink Owl said...

I'm looking for a good one too. However, I have problems swallowing pills (big baby) and I can't find any that don't look like they were made for giants!

JillLeeJill said...

Came across your blog - I am currently doing Weight Watchers and they suggest a children's vitamin, as they have everything you need and not more than 100%. Hope that little tib bit helps!

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