Monday, September 22, 2008

Officially Fall!!

Happy First Day of Fall!! My 2nd favorite season! To celebrate the new season, Sailor Boy and I did some major planting around the house yesterday. We went to the nursery to get mums and pansies in the morning, which was pretty interesting. Neither one of us know too much about gardening, so we were basically walking around pretty clueless. My mom had suggested we plant pansies because they last all winter and they are very hardy so it would be hard for us to kill them...hehe. Sailor Boy gets the great idea that he wants to plant purple and yellow pansies. The reason -- it's the Baltimore Raven's colors and he thinks it will bring good luck for the team if we have a huge Raven's garden out front. Yes, I'm serious. So we now have a purple and "gold" garden.I also planted 3 pots of mums, which totally mean "fall" to me.
Here's all of our hard work...the entire front of our house:I also got this adorable fall wreath at HomeGoods last week for $19.99 (I LOVE that store!!)
The weather has also been so brisk and chilly...I love it! I'm switching over my closet to all my fall/winter clothes today!!


LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

im jealous of your planting! the apartment doesnt allow planting, haha. and also jealous of the summer to fall switch over, we still have atleast another month of 80 degree temperatures.

kristy said...

such pretty flowers. i too have been working on our planters. don't you just love mums!

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