Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back in Business

Finally back to work after having a much needed break. All 3 weddings went well this weekend, but I was SO exhausted. When we got down to the river house Sunday night, I pretty much crashed and didn't move all day Monday. I think I took 4 naps and ate everything in sight (including about 50 amazing homemade cookies).

It was a bit rough to come back today...but also exciting! It just became definite, but the wedding at the hotel this weekend is being featured on the tv show Platinum Weddings! This is the crazy one, where they are spending like $200K on leather thrones, floral centerpieces that weigh like 150 pounds and ridiculous amounts of other unnessecary stuff. But oh well...the hotel gets to be featured on TV! Free publicity is always great!! Not sure if I will actually be on TV at all (since I'm just a lowly on-site wedding coordinator), but I'm really excited to have the opportunity to showcase the hotel on a national television show! It's not going to air until next year, but I'll keep everyone updated on it! For those not familiar with the show, it's on the WE channel and it's alot like "whose wedding is it anyway", only they feature super elaborate and expensive weddings. They focus on one bride and groom on each episode and then show how much each aspect of the wedding cost. It's a bit insane, but I guess it serves it's purpose to show how much money some people do spend on weddings.

So that's my exciting news for the day. I probably won't be around much until next week because of all the craziness!!! I'll be sure to have an update after they finish all the filming! Hollywood, here I come!! HAHA

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Preppy in Philly said...

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I started my own blog ( a couple of weeks ago which includes a link to yours. If you like what you see, would you mind linking to my blog?

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