Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

So I will admit it...I color my hair. I'm not a natural blonde. YIKES! And not only do I color my hair, I do it MYSELF. That's right, no salon color for me. I do it right in the bathroom sink. Always have, always will. 

The key to doing your own color at home is finding the right color/brand and sticking to it. When I was younger (high school), I would try different colors and brands every time. That often led to disaterous results. As I've gotten older and wiser, I realized the color that works for me and use it every time. This is my signature color...
The color is called "Toasted Coconut"...doesn't that sound so tropical and lovely? Ha! Anyways, I'm a big fan of the L'oreal Couleur Experte hair coloring system. I have used it since junior year of college. It's a 2 step process, where you do an all over color and then go through with a highlighting wand for color definition. Has anyone else used this? I literally SWEAR by this stuff...and I've tried ALOT of at-home hair dyes. 

This makes my hair the perfect shade of a nice medium blonde, then it adds in the lighter blonde highlights. Since I've been doing it for so many years, I'm now an expert on the little highlighting wand, but it does take some time to get used to it. But at-home hair dye has come along's pretty hard to mess this stuff up, seriously! And I get compliments on my hair color all the time...even when I'm in the salon getting my hair cut...ohhh, if they only knew it was hair dye out of a box!

Well, since this hair dye is pretty much vital to my existence as a blonde, you can imagine my HORROR when I realized that a lot of stores were not carrying it anymore. I could no longer find it at the grocery store or Target. I just about had a panic attack thinking about having to switch up my brand and color...especially 3 months before my wedding. 

After some internet research, I realized that carries it and it's only $14.99/box. Which is way cheaper than I was paying at Tar-jay. I totally ordered 3 boxes of it today! I've never used before and I was very shipping and I already got an email saying it shipped out about 2 hours after I placed my order! So I won't have to deal with my gross dark roots for too much longer!!

So that's my dirty little beauty secret!!! Anyone else have any to share? 


Barefoot in the Park said...

you need to sign up for ebates! you get 5% cash back on purchases!

Ashley said...

Too funny.. I've been using that exact same box and the exact same color for 5 years and I get compliments ALL of the time. More recently I've stopped using it and get my highlights done at the beauty school. I only do that b/c they only charge 30 bucks and I like to be pampered. When I get sick of the beauty school, I'm going right back to the box.

Anonymous said...

i'm terrible with all things art-ish and i'm pretty sure i couldn't do my own hair...isn't it hard to make sure everything's even?

The Dunaway's said...

I do my own color too. I use Burgundy from Revlon and this highlight kit called "color breakers" (in a redish color)and of course Target had it on clearance a few weeks ago so I went to all our local targets and got what they had...I'm hoping it'll end up at Big Lots or somewhere (they had the blonde color a few months back) I may have to be google searching it if they don't get it! The girls at work thought I paid to get my hair done and were SHOCKED when I told them I did it myself for under $10!

from the left coast said...

I read your post and I sympathize . . .my favorite products are always getting downsized! But, here's one thing I learned the hard way with O.B. applicator tampons and Paula Dorf cake mascara . . . is often where they clear out inventory when a product is being cut. So, stock up and buy as many as you can - they probably have discontinued it and they're using as the way to move anything that is left over.

I've also read up on what to do when things are discontinued, so this website might help too:

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