Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Bathroom: Before

Our master bathroom has some "issues". We didn't realize the extent of these issues until we were going through our inspection. Our inspector found this at the bottom of our bathtub:
Two nice lovely rust spots. And the best part, they are not just rust spots, they are actually holes in the bottom of our tub! The inspector was able to stick a key almost all the way through the holes. Awesome. We thought that maybe it would be a "quick fix" and we would just need to use porcelain patch to fill the holes and we would be all good. 

Unfortunately, it's not that easy. Turns out that the damage of the holes not being treated have caused the floor under the tub to rot. That has led to the ceiling below the bathroom to be damaged. It looks like they had tried to repair the ceiling in the past, but did a crappy job at patching the water damage and now there's a hole in our ceiling. Here's that hole (which is directly above where the front door is...makes a great first impression!!) 
So we talked to two of our friends who are contractors about what to do. They recommended pulling the whole tub out, repairing the floor underneath, as well as the damage to the ceiling below, then re-tiling the whole shower and putting a new tub and faucet in. Well then, since
 they were going to have to pull the toilet and sink out to get the tub out, we bit the bullet and
 told them to just do the entire bathroom! 

New tub, toilet, sink and vanity, tile floors, mirror, lighting and hardware, as well as having them also repair the wall behind the toilet which also has water damage. I'm so excited!!!! The bathroom really was SO outdated, gross and dirty so I think the complete renovation is long overdue. Here's some more pictures of the nasty bathroom..
From first glance, the bathroom doesn't look TOO bad...but just wait!
The rotting dry wall and tile behind the toilet. Lovely. And about 25 years of caulk.
The floor tiles are super gross. The previous owners loved their caulk!

Just plain nasty! The outdated mirror, the gross soap holder, yuck!

The gross vanity. It's super rusted and dirty.  

It really is one of the grossest bathrooms I've ever seen. And it's all ours! ha! Anyways, they started with the demo today, so I'll be posting a whole series of their progress and then the finished project (hopefully next week!) I'm super excited!! I told J he was going to have to drag me out of that bathroom because I was never leaving once it's done!! Love it!


Jules said...

I can't wait to see the after pictures! I bet it won't even look like the same bathroom. I think it's good that you're hiring professionals to come in a do it.

Red and White Preppy said...

Been there...done that... I nearly cried when I got my list of things that had to be fixed after the inspector looked at my condo! I was so excited about having my own place that I forgot to look at the small stuff!

You will get that bathroom looking so nice though...yay!

Anonymous said...

lol, i completely know what you mean about never leaving it once it's done! i had a HORRIBLE bathroom in my house, i'm talking powder blue (think men's public bathroom) tile in the shower and halfway up the walls. the shower leaked through my ceiling and onto my couch, there was a lovely spot on the floor tiles where you could see they tried to "fix" it. unfortunately i didn't have the money to get it redone until about 3 months ago. i LOVE LOVE LOVE my new bathroom! seriously, i take the longest showers EVER now! you're going to <3 it when it's done!!

LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

good luck! im sure it will come out lovely!!

QueenBeeSwain said...

eeeaaaggghhhhh! wouldn't you love to know just what was going on in their minds that the state of the bathroom was *okay*?

love your paint-job, btw- you have skillz!


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Benson Chapman said...

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