Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Um Wow.

So I was off work Monday and Tuesday. I planned on relaxing all day Monday and then running a whole bunch of errands on Tuesday. Well imagine my lovely surpise when I woke up Tuesday morning to find it snowing...and that wonderful snow continued all day, leaving about 3 inches by the end of the day. Then around 6pm, it started with the freezing rain. GRRRR. Have I mentioned that I absolutely HATE snow?? Not just from this snow storm, I just hate snow all together in my life. My errand running was cancelled and I spent a 2nd day lounging/relaxing/cleaning. Major case of cabin fever, let me just say...I was not exactly pleasant when Jake got home from work Tuesday...oops! Anyways, my real story here is this...

Since I was being such a lazy bum, I decided that I needed to actually start my New Years resolution of working out, since I had been putting it off for the last 27 days. And I picked the snowiest day of the year to do it. But luckily, I'm a big fan of our On Demand Cable Exercise TV, which has like 500 different work out videos for free through our cable. I was browsing through and I found this:

Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. You know, the crazy trainer from the Biggest Loser. I had heard good things about the video and how hard it was, and I was in the mood for a good work out to combat all my laziness, so I decided to give it a try.

UMM HOLY HELL!!!! First, let me just say...I KNOW I'm out of shape. I haven't really worked out (walking Spencer doesn't count I guess) in months and I'm super weak, especially in my upper body. But I literally felt like I might die during this video. Maybe the fact that I can barely do 1 push-up should have been my first sign that this video was going to kick my butt. I was almost crying it was so hard. I have a feeling it wouldn't be SO hard for people who were actually in shape, but it's seriously intense. Basically you warm up and then spend 20 minutes doing extremely fast paced and intense strength, cardio and abs. She doesn't let you rest and moves from each exercise immediately, to keep your heart rate up and give you results. And Jillian is MEAN...really mean! I guess it is good motivation to keep going...having her yell at you to work harder.

But I managed to survive the 20 minutes, do the cool down and I was actually really proud of myself for finishing it. I chugged about 5 glasses of water and took the longest shower of my life...I was really sweaty, even after only 20 minutes! I was happy with myself to working out though and I definitely felt good.

And then I woke up today....and could barely move! Even weird muscles in my legs are throbbing. It is a good sort of pain definitely shows me that it was a hard work out and I will probably see results if I keep doing it. So I decided I will keep doing it...I think she recommends doing it every other day for 30 days to see results. There's different levels (1-3) to move up in difficulty. I will personally be staying on level 1 for a while.

Has anyone else tried this video? I don't really have any weight to lose, but I'm hoping that I will have more muscle definition and tone if I do finish the 30 days. Yay for getting buff!!


Megan said...

I requested and got the Shred for Christmas, and it is totally kicking my butt! You're right, too-- it really gets you sweating, even if it IS only 20 minutes.

Pink, Green, and Southern said...

I hate snow too! I am super out of shape, the only exercise I get is when I decide to walk Cricket..usually only once a week (I'll be better when it is warm!) The Wii Fit kicked my butt the other day. No clue it would be so strenuous.

tickledpink said...

I have this dvd and alternate it with other dvds. I love it even though it does kick your butt. I haven't done it straight for 30 days, but I have more muscle toned arms. You will notice your abs geting more firm. It is a great dvd, and I plan to keep using it! Good luck!:)

Kate said...

I may have to get this DVD. I am not sure I could do it in my apt but I will bookmark it

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