Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Love it!

The lovely Pink Julep (who is also planning her fabulous wedding!) and Carolina Prep both left me an award! Thanks ladies! I love both of your blogs! I have to list 10 random things about myself. Here goes...

1. I am obsessed with making my bed. I do it the first thing in the morning and I can't leave the house if it's not made. IF for some strange reason I do go all day without making it, I will have to make it right before I go to bed, then get in it. I can't sleep in a bed that has sat all day unmade.

2. My first car was a Volvo 760 Sedan and I still miss that car. It was a 1989 and I drove it until senior year of college. It was my baby and I was so sad when it died. It had turbo, so it was super speedy and had good pick up. In fact, I loved the turbo so much that I actually burned up 3 turbos while I had the car...not the cheapest things to replace, as my dad would tell you. oooops.

3. I went through a phase in my life (7th grade) where I was definitely NOT preppy. Not sure what was up with me, but I was quite a little "skater". I wore baggy shirts, ripped jeans and I even dyed my hair red. YUCK! Luckily, by 8th grade, I was over that phase in my life and back to my cute polo shirts and skirts.

4. I'm an only child and I have to say, I love it. It was not fun when I was younger, but my parents were really good about putting me in lots of activities and making sure I was always with my friends. I always got to bring a friend or 2 when we would go to the Outer Banks every summer. I do have a large extended family with lots of cousins and I am very close to them. Jake also has a very large extended family and I'm so happy about that...I love huge family holidays!

5. I knew that I was going to marry Jake after about a month and a half of dating. I came home and told my roommates that I could tell he was the one! Jake says he knew around the same time I did...and he can even remember the exact moment and what I was wearing and doing. Pretty romantic boy huh?

7. Jake's parents and my parents are eerily similar. My mom has 4 sisters. Jake's mom also has 4 sisters. Our dad's even worked for the same company back in the 1970's at the same time (in separate divisions, so they never met). Our parents also got married in the same year and my dad grew up about 10 minutes from Jake's dad. The weirdest one...our dads SERIOUSLY look very alike! It's sort of freaky!

8. When I am stressed out, I have to clean in order to relax and feel better. I always sweep all the floors and then wipe down the entire kitchen and vacuum the living room rug. Yes, I probably do need medication.

9. I have scoliosis, which got diagnosed when I was 11. It's not bad (about a 14% curvature), but it's noticeable when I bend over and my hips are two different heights. Both of my parents are extremely tall (my mom is 5'11" and my dad is 6'1"), but I'm really short (5'4"). The doctor said it's probably from my scoliosis and if I didn't have it, I would have probably been very tall too. Darn it!

10. Even though I've lived in Maryland pretty much all my life, my early years we moved around alot because my dad was a doctor for the Air Force. We lived in Panama City, FL and Charleston, SC before moving up here. We were about to get stationed in Turkey when my dad decided it was time for him to retire. I think I'm glad we didn't move to Turkey!!

I tag....anyone who is bored and wants to do it!


Katy said...

I'm an only child, too!

I've always said that I'm not spoiled... I'm just well loved.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I love panama city! I always love to go there :)

Pink Julep said...

Don't sweat it being short - I'm 5'8 1/2" and I've always wanted to be short and petit instead!!!
But my mom who's 5'2" always claims that when she gets to Heaven she'll be tall! hahaha

Kate said...

I love these facts.

1-me too. I am very OCD about how I remake my bed before I get in

7-that's pretty cool!

QueenBeeSwain said...

Amen on cleaning to get control over your life!


Pretty in Pink said...

Thank you for your input on my seating. I agree, I think I will still do seating arrangements.

I am an only child too :)

I am adding you to my stalk roll :)

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