Thursday, January 29, 2009

My favorite part of wedding planning!

Registering!!! Now, that's not supposed to come off as a greedy, gift obessed thing...I'm honestly just excited for the "process" of know, running around and scanning my (umm I mean, our) favorite things! The other part of me is excited to finally get to replace all of our old housewares with all new stuff! Everything that Jake and I have been using is all super cheap stuff we've bought or major hand-me-downs from our parents. We are literally using the silverware set that my PARENTS got for their wedding in 1976!! Let me tell's seen better days! Our plates are a set of crappy stuff from Ikea and most of our other stuff came from like TJ Maxx so nothing matches.

We are going to register at Crate and Barrel and Macy's. I think that they both have a good range of prices and tons of options. We're actually going to a registering event at Crate and Barrel in a few weeks...has anyone ever been to one? They let you in the store early, before anyone else, and you are able to register and tour the store with about 15 other couples. I'm excited because I really have no idea what I'm I will need a lot of help!!

Here's a few things I've had my eye on (you know, doing some preliminary research before we actually register!)

I love this bedding, but probably in a lighter ivory or white.
Amazing Ralph Lauren Towels. I'm totally obsessed with white towels, I think they are so classic. Perhaps with our new fabulous monogram in navy??
So I don't bake. Perhaps if I had this beauty, I would be inspired to bake!! However, I would want it in stainless, not white.
Martha Stewart "Kensington" collection for our every day china. Maybe I'm boring, but again, I love the look of plain white, classic dishes. They will never go out of style and go with everything!
Given my favorite things to do during my free time (vacumm...seriously!), I really think this is a necessity. Dyson Animal. It will be like Spencer doesn't even more dog hair!!

Crate and Barrel:

Ok, so maybe I am a little bit TOO obsessed with white, but these baking dishes are amazing and I love that they have lids!I can use this to display all the cookies I'll bake with my Kitchen Aid Mixer!!!

I love this cutting board because it's flexible, so you can bend it to put your veggies or meat right into the pan to cook them! So practical!

I have literally been obsessed with this pitcher for a couple of years now. I just love the shape and design!
But I'm sure I will change my mind and find a million other things I will want to register for! Does anyone have any good registering advice? Any things that we definitely should be registering for? We really are starting from scratch, so we really need everything!


Preppy 101 said...

Lovely choices ;-) I love white china. It has unlimited possibilities!!

Always Pretty in Pink said...

I was supprised, we really didn't get that much stuff off of our registry. Most people just gave us money. That was fun too though! :)

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

Love Crate & Barrel!

Newlywed Hostess said...

I feel that the reason registry is so fun is because you are planning for your future. You are picking out patterns and items that will complete your home. It makes everything seem so real.
I loved registering...And I do not feel it was about the prospect of getting gifts. I also am obsessed with looking at other people patterns. So I understand it all.

BY the way, the mixer is perfect andyou will use it if you make it easy to get to. If it is hard to reach, then it will be rarely used. My suggestion is to store it either on the counter or in the cabinet underneath the counter due to its weight.
Have fun with registry.
Macys was my favorite store for my registry, perhaps it was the free money they gave me at the end. I was able to buy a gift for a friend with that and still have money for me!

Barefoot in the Park said...

looks like you are choosing some wonderful things!

Barefoot in the Park said...

looks like you are choosing some wonderful things!

Anonymous said...

Registering looks like sooo much fun! You picked out beautiful things! I want to register!!!! :)

Always Organizing said...

Hi! My fiance and I are going to be registering soon and I'm excited for it as well. You get to create the ultimate wish list! I made a list for each store we are registering at with the items I am planning to choose. I did this because I knew I would be overwhelmed when I got there. I also spent a lot time on the stores' websites looking at the products. Good luck!

The Pink Tutu said...

What fun!! Looks like you found some great things! P.S. I've been hanging out with Bekah the past two days at the PGA Show! It was so fun to see her.

The George Family said...

Those are all great items. Although you are starting from scratch make sure that you include some items on your registry that you will cherish for years to come. So many of my friends ended up needing to buy serving dishes, vases, candle sticks, crystal bowls, etc after their wedding! Have fun though. Register for lots of items, and remember that anything on your registries that doesn't get purchased you can generally buy after the wedding with a 10-20% discount coupon.

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